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To All Designers Without a Wacom Tablet

…om’s tablet gurus will share with you the essential tips and techniques that creative professionals use to create amazing images. These tablet gurus waste no time showing you ways in which you can enhance the tools that you use in Photoshop every day with a pressure sensitive pen! Watch as they demonstrate the power and ease with which you can tap into masking and painting capabilities that have been all but denied to mouse users. Find out what y…

Google update on its apps reveals iPad Pro support

Google update on its apps reveals iPad Pro support

…llows their recent move to adopt said device support and multitasking, as well as Live Photos support, for photo management app Google Photos, as well as adoption of screen optimization for YouTube on iOS. However, screen optimization is not yet available for Slides, which is Google’s Powerpoint equivalent. One thing that the update has not yet been integrated with that is related with the iPad Pro is that they cannot still use the tablet’s Split…

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What’s New with the Latest iTunes Update?

…es didn’t work well with the VoiceOver feature, which they fixed right away. Not only that, this 12.4.1 iTunes update has also corrected crossfading between songs and the Up Next feature now plays songs added together in the correct order. Another tweak in this iTunes update is that Apple also restored the Reset Plays option. With the new 12.4.1 iTunes update, you can enjoy all the entertainment iTunes has to offer and get a smoother iTunes…

Cintiq 13HD

The Perfect Wacom Cintiq Tablet for Artists

…D displays go a long way in helping artists do accurate, intricate work more easily. Wacom’s Cintiq line of tablets features five models: the Cintiq 13HD, the Cintiq 22HD, the Cintiq 22HD touch, the Cintiq 24HD, and the Cintiq 24HD touch. Depending on their needs, any of these tablets can be the perfect Wacom Cintiq tablet for artists. Cintiq 13HD Cintiq 13HD The 13HD is ideal for creative professionals who want a tablet equipped with an interact…

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Digital Drawing with Wacom Bamboo Capture (CTH470)

…the bundled DVD, then follow the instructions on screen. Once your Bamboo Capture is installed, you can set up its orientation according to your handedness. You can also access the control panel to disable or enable touch input and assign functions to the Expresskeys built into the tablet. If you’re a first-time graphics tablet user, you’ll be glad to know that the Wacom Bamboo Capture comes with a handful of apps and programs that can help you g…


tvOS update for Apple TV revealed

…say “capital” before the character in question. Using dictation this way improves the text input process without the need to have to toggle through different items or use channels. Siri can now also be used to search or launch apps on the tvOS. Just press and hold the microphone button on the Siri Remote, then say the specific command. The latest tvOS update also modified how users can scrub through video. One has to pause it first (which can be…

Incoming Parallels Access update to aid iPad Pro users

Incoming Parallels Access update to aid iPad Pro users

During the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona this past Sunday, Parallels demonstrated a beta version of its Parallels Access app that aims to address issues when used in tandem with the iPad Pro. The Parallel Access app basically allows people with mobile devices (whether tablets or smartphones) access their Mac and Windows computers while they are way from the house, without having to go through remote desktop client configuration. Howeve…

Astropad update provides new iPad Pro wrinkles.

Astropad update provides new iPad Pro wrinkles.

…ates that, precisely. Advanced stoke tuning ensures the prevention of accidental marks. Other aspects included in the update ensures improvements in image quality and reduction in latency between the tablet and the desktop. The app update is free of charge, and for those who want to get the app, it costs $19.99 on the App Store. It will require the latest versions of both the iPad and the Mac. More details about the app can be seen here….

iPad Pro tips and tricks

iPad Pro tips and tricks

You just bought the new iPad Pro. And you still have to get comfortable with being able to use this device. Here are some nifty tips that can help you master and get you up to speed with this new tablet, with help from TechRadar. Multi-task on the iPad Pro with split view The larger screen of the iPad Pro really highlights the benefits of the split screen mode that had been introduced with iOS 9. Having the 12.9” screen means that the two apps w…

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iOS 7.1 and the All-New Features You’ll Enjoy

…ts by month, thanks to the new Month view. For added convenience, country-specific holidays have also been integrated into the Calendar. Siri also got a bit of fine-tuning, with her listening habits now manually controllable. After updating to iOS 7.1, iPhone users can hold down the Home button as they talk to Siri and release the button when they’re done talking, so Siri knows that she can stop listening. The iOS 7.1 update also brings some twea…

NetFlix posts iOS app update for its tablets

NetFlix posts iOS app update for its tablets

One major stickler for Netflix subscribers has been its slow pace towards multi-tasking capabilities, particularly on the tablets. One of the major highlights when Apple revealed iOS 9 back in September 2015 was the ability to multitask. However, it was only this week that the streaming video service made an update on its iOS app that makes progress on that, enabling Picture in Picture mode on iPads running at least iOS 9.3.2. For those using Ap…


Podcast Fans: It’s Time To Update iTunes

If you subscribe to Podcasts and have been ignoring your iTunes’ pleas to update to 11.2, shame on you. The iTunes media suite was updated on May 15th with key updates for podcast lovers. According to Apple Insider, the updates allow “users to more quickly find episodes they haven’t listened to,” which is a wonderful time saver for those of us already behind schedule. This easier navigation is achieved through the new &#8…


OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 with SSL fix released

Mac users can now breathe a sigh of relief. Apple’s just released the latest security update for Mac OS X Mavericks: OS X 10.9.2. Now is the best time to update the OS on your Mac desktop or MacBook. This is an essential update fixing an encryption bug that left users vulnerable to data security threats via Safari and other apps, including Mail and Messages. Put simply, the bug prevents OS X from validating encryption certificates from secure se…


Introduced Today – The Wacom Intous5 Is Now In Stock

…omputer. Below is some additional technical information. Intuos5 is equipped with many time saving productivity features, such as a four-function Touch Ring and ExpressKeys which can be customized for your favorite application-specific shortcuts and modifiers.  The new, innovative Express View display provides an on screen-reminder of your ExpressKey settings, so that you can keep your eyes on your display and on your work.    The pen tablet conn…


A Close Look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

…Core™ i7, 512 GB and 8 GB of RAM $1,949   Designing on the Surface Pro 3 Yes, having Photoshop Elements or another dumbed down photo editor on the typical tablet can be nice. Being limited can also be infuriating. To enable designers to truly replace their laptops with a Surface Pro 3 when designing on the go, the new tablet/laptop hybrid packs enough punch with its Intel Core processors to run Adobe Creative Suite. (You can also expect dood…