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Lean, Mean, Green Machines

…rt power strip (like the BITS Limited Energy Saving Smart Strip) to keep Vampire Power at bay. Save your pocketbook, save the environment. Buy refurbished gadgets – Buying refurbished devices not only saves you money, but it means one less item that needs to be manufactured, packaged and shipped, all things that lead to larger carbon footprints. At MacMall, we pride ourselves in our Refurbished Outlet, offering all your favorite items for less….

How does the iPad Pro work as tool for photographers

How does the iPad Pro work as tool for photographers

…put this into a concrete context, one can run Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Fix together, and since both can use Creative Cloud Sync, one can send an image from Lightroom to Fix via CCS to conduct spot healing, which the former does not have. One of the main caveats for photographers with Apple tablets has been editing RAW files. This will continue to be the case with the iPad Pro. As what Jeff explained, RAW files can be transferred to the iPad,…


What does your iDevice case say about you?

The need to personalize everything and anything has been one of the norms in this tech-savvy generation. Especially in adolescent to early adulthood stages where the need for individuality or standing out has played a crucial role in determining one’s character. For a wide range of Apple products, consumers have a variety of iPhone and iPad cases to choose from and extend their personalities into their handheld devices. I cross-examined…

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What you need to know before upgrading your Mac’s RAM

…sk by switching and importing files between applications at a consistent rate. This is most crucial for multimedia professionals that rely on multiple applications to handle a variety of projects and workloads. Note that RAM does not process network or Internet speeds, but it does affect the programs you use for browsing. Now, if you think your Mac does not meet your work requirements anymore, maybe it’s time to upgrade its RAM. However, like…


To upgrade or not to upgrade: 8 questions before buying a new iPhone

…o consider your brand loyalty. Are you satisfied with the current service or are you already eyeing better services from other networks? Start fresh, if you really need change. 3. Are there new features that my current phone does not have? Every new model release will be advertised and marketed with a new feature that is not available in its predecessor. Fortunately, some of these updates can be acquired through routine OS updates,as long as…

Keep it Cool: 12 Tips to prevent your Laptop from Overheating

Keep it cool: 12 tips to prevent your laptop from overheating

…larly the whole day. 5) Shut down your computer. If you’re calling it a day, save your progress, and let your laptop catch some Z’s to cool down for a while. Let it rest its gears while you go do something else. (What do you mean what’s ‘something else’? Run. Clean. Go out – yeah I don’t do that either, so maybe you can just sleep?) 6) Before placing it in the case, remember to shut down your laptop. If you travel a lot,…


10 Ways to Child-Proof your iPhone or iPad

…stolen. After 10 incorrect tries for your passcode, your iDevice will automatically erase all your data, preventing strangers or felons from accessing your information. It would be very unfortunate if your child accidentally does this. Always remember to disable this option when you’re at home. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Erase Data. #6 Enable Guided Access. This feature comes in handy when you don’t want your current app…


13 iPhone 6 Features That Would Totally Blow Your Mind

…makes them different from their predecessors, you better continue reading this post and see how wonderful Apple is when it comes to innovation. Longer battery life When I say ‘longer battery life’, I don’t mean additional hours’ worth of battery power for the iPhone 6. I mean that the iPhone 6 can now last a full day. You read it right: a day. So, even if you’re going to be out for a longer period of time, even…

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How to Block Unwanted Contacts on your iPhone

…Disturb options. While activated, you can set a specific time period where calls will be blocked. Select contacts at the Allow Calls From option so at least someone can check if you’re still okay. The Repeated Calls option, meanwhile, will not silence your phone if a contact calls for three consecutive times within three minutes. The following option requires a little work from you, and it does not completely block your unwanted contacts, but…

If you can't beat them, at least take better pictures than them.

Rock N’ Shoot: How to take better concert photos using your iOS device

…to slow down by dragging the black lines in between the blue ones. Everything in between the two black lines will be slowed down. Unfortunately, these two features are iPhone 5S-exclusive. Don’t flash, it’s not appropriate I mean that literally and figuratively if you know what I mean. Anyway, your iPhone’s flash is basically useless if you’re at a concert. Any of the following could happen or should always be considered: (1) your subject is too…


Essentials of Quicken Essential

…friendly as Quicken 2011. So why buy? It is good software if you know its limitations and don’t need the missing bits. I find it is best for home budget situations for families not trying to micromanage their 401K’s. In the mean time here are a few solutions for business owners and micromanagers. Mint.com, same folk who worked on Quicken essentials. Still no investment history feature. Run Windows on your Mac. Parallels or VM Ware, and a copy…

NetFlix posts iOS app update for its tablets

NetFlix posts iOS app update for its tablets

…dia or checking their e-mail, something that has been highly sought after by app users. Even with the enabling of Picture in Picture, Netflix still is not yet fully enabled for complete multitasking capabilities, as it still does not have Split View capability. It does, however, allow the Slide Over function. Other than that, the service has been relatively quick in being able to support Apple’s new quirks when they launch, like 3D Touch for…


Are you an iPhone or an iPad?

…the opposite of an iPhone user. You are a bit of an introvert who’s tech- savvy and a little addicted to the Internet. You don’t want to compromise your browsing experience, so you might be a bit of a homebody. Going out can mean that you would somehow need to be disconnected to the online world and you don’t want that. You actually prefer the brainier part of the World Wide Web: the online news and free literary pieces it contains. And,…


Top 7 Ways to Conserve Your Phone’s Battery Life

…social or personal life. However, frequent pop-ups on your iPhone or iPad actually drain your battery faster, as these notifications require your device to vibrate or sound off. Regulation is key – make Fetch happen (get the Mean Girls reference there?). Fetch keeps tabs on all your notifications and tips you off at a set time. To activate this feature, go to Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars > Accounts > Fetch New Data. Choose the…


4K Display Support Improved on OS X 10.9.3

…es 4K display support for both late 2013 models of the Mac Pro and macBook Pro with 15-inch Retina Display. While this update is great news for creative professionals everywhere, it is important to remember that this support does not mean your built-in display magically displays more pixels. Rather, there is now support for more third-party 4K monitors that offer the resolution you crave. To get the latest from Apple Insider, follow…