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8 Interesting Facts about Apple, Inc. – You Won’t Believe #4!

All great things start small… sometimes, even a bit bizarre and fascinating. The same is true with Apple, Inc., the revolutionary company that gave us our beloved Mac products. Before Apple became the tech giant it is today, it went through a lot of changes that I bet most of you do not know about. So, let’s trace back and explore the events that paved the way for Apple’s greatness. 1. The first Apple logo featured Isaac Newton. So why did Apple…

How does the iPad Pro work as tool for photographers

How does the iPad Pro work as tool for photographers

Jeff Carlson on his piece in MacWorld touched on how the tablet made an impact with photographers, especially since its predecessors have helped change the game. He first acknowledged that iOS limitations restrict the full extent of what the iPad Pro can do for a photographer, but the photo editing applications like Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO and Photos are a definite improvement, especially with the presence of the Apple Pencil, the larger…