Room for Growth for Streaming Players

According to a recent article released by Apple Insider, only one-third of US households have televisions that are connected to the internet.

While Smart TVs have definitely grown in both popularity and affordability in the last year, the overwhelming majority of US households do not possess them.  In fact, according to the research released by NPD, a market research group,  only 42 million households have a television that is connected to the internet, which is only up 17 percent over the previous year.

Why is this? Simply,  many consumers feel no need to cast aside their perfectly functioning HD televisions and buy a new Smart TV, and streaming players are still a fairly new concept, often being muscled out of retail store end-caps by Blu-Ray player clearance sales. However, as connected streaming players now outnumber Blu-Ray players, Apple Insider suggest that this “may be good news for Apple,” and their Apple TV.

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