Spring Cleaning: MacMall’s How-To For a Squeaky Clean Spring

Spring time is here and we all know what that means: spring break, allergies, taxes and, of course, cleaning. While we can’t help you with the blanket of cat hair under your couch or the pile of tangled Christmas lights in the garage, we CAN help you keep those gadgets of yours in tip top shape. And go ahead…we won’t tell if you whistle while you work.

  • iKlear Cleaning Kit – this all purpose cleaning kit works for all your Apple products, from iPod to MacBook. Clean screens and cases, wiping dust, smudges and dirty fingerprints away in a single swipe. It’s the Windex of your gadget cleaning arsenal.
  • Belkin Blaster – For those hard to reach areas (keyboards, motherboards, etc.), the Belkin Blaster is your go-to solution. Moisture-free and non-abrasive, this highly pressurized cleaner will blast dust and dirt from even the tiniest of spaces, thanks to its pin-point accuracy nozzle.
  • Symantec Norton Internet Security – It’s not just the outside of your gadgets that need cleaning. The inside can be just as important! Make sure to update passwords, secure any wireless networks, delete unused programs and files and install anti-virus security software. Your computer will run longer and better for it!

There you go! Just a few tips to keep your gadgets clean and ready to go. How do you keep your devices in working order? Share your tips in the comments!

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