“Start Something New” campaign makes its way to the iPad Pro

Apple asked a San Francisco-based artist to abandon the use of acrylic paint for the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil for one art project.

As part of its “Start Something New” campaign, which is aimed for getting consumers to use its devices as a means for self-expression, Apple has asked Tiffany Bozic to use its latest tablet and stylus to create a piece, as noted in this article from Fast Company.

For this campaign, Bozic came up with Herowana, a celebration of Papuan wildlife. Working with the canvas provided by the Procreate, she used the tools available on the app, as well as with the Apple Pencil to come with the airbrushed work of art. It took her half as long to finish Herowana digitally, compared to when she would use brushes, acrylic, and maple.

She acknowledged her relative inexperience with “digital art,” but found the experience “fun, liberating, and amazing.” She relates that the ability to be able to erase unwanted changes resonated with her, given her craft and expertise does not afford to make those kinds of mistakes. She added that she was impressed with how the Apple Pencil responded to the varying pressure and speed.

“Start Something New” will feature Bozic and ten other artists, with the other artists mainly using other Apple devices, like the iPhone and iPad Air. Their masterpieces will be displayed on Apple Stores as well as on Apple.com. To coincide with the campaign, they will have hands-on creativity workshops at their stores.

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