Tale of the tape: iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C

Apparently, the iPhone 4 that you’ve been using for three to four years is going to be outdated once the new iOS 8 comes out this fall. It’s only inevitable since Apple is always upfront about developing new and improved features for their latest phone models.

Speaking of development, the iPhone 5 was discontinued just last year, as Apple wanted to promote the more cost-efficient iPhone 5C – which is actually a good alternative for iPhone users who want to keep using iOS devices but are looking for something budget-friendly – and the premium iPhone 5S. Both models were released in September 2013.

“What about the 4S model? That’s still okay, right?” It’s not recommended if you’re looking forward to the iOS 8, unfortunately. There have been reports of how  iOS 7 performs poorly on the 4S, so, if you’re a professional or a person who continually needs to be in touch with your social circles, it’s doubtful that a poorly functioning iPhone 4S would be the best solution for you.

Think about it: would you upgrade just a notch, or get something that you can use for a longer time?

Now that we’ve settled that matter, let’s get to the faceoff. You’re probably familiar with these numbers, but if you haven’t managed to decide between the iPhone 5S and 5C, maybe this infographic can help you decide.

5Svs5C_infograph copy

The bottom line is, both units offer excellent specs and handy features; however, the 5S may have the upper hand. These features are more professional in terms of functionality, and notably classier with its modern design. Of course, the iPhone 5C is practical if you don’t really need the high-end specs of the iPhone 5S. Oh, and did I mention that the 5C comes in five colors? FIVE! (Perhaps this decision isn’t as easy, after all.)

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