Top 3 Free Games for iPad Mini’s Released this Month

Every week the Apple App Store is jam-packed with new and exciting games; from adventure games, RPG’s to MMO’s. So if you’re tired of the same old games you can browse the App Store’s growing digital shelves and find the perfect game that would suit you.

Here’s a few good one’s that you’d most probably find interesting. These games has just been released this month and it’s still hot off the press.



Pocket MortysAdapted from Adult Swim’s animated television series Rick and Morty, this game’s goal is to find your way through the multiverse on a mission to round-up all the Mortys. Somehow themed like Pokemon, in Pocket Mortys you get to gather and train as many Mortys as you can and be the greatest Morty trainer of all time. There are about 70 incredibly exceptional Mortys to assemble in order to form a legendary team. So if you’re up for the challenge of diving into the world of Rick and Morty and become the grand master at Morty training then this game is for you.


SurfingersA game that’s both entertaining and simple. Surfingers captures every player’s hearts with its uncomplicated gameplay. The basic concept of the game is that you have to manipulate the waves so the surfer won’t get toppled up in the water. It’s just like Flappy Bird but with a little twist. If you’re into score- chasing types of games that requires extremely fast reflexes then you’re in luck, you and this game are meant to be.



SkyChasers“Old but cool” that’s what Retro means now and tons of Retro inspired games has been all over the App Store gaining so much love from players all over the world. One particular game is about a young boy named Max, who dreams to explore the world in his flying cardboard box. Now if that doesn’t scream out cute I don’t know what does. This game is full of fantasy environments and mind boggling puzzles that’ll lead you wanting more.

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Sources: iTunes

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