Top 3 Keyboards for Your iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has proven itself to be quite the tablet as it is capable of performing tasks for both a tablet and a laptop. So why not expand that experience by getting yourself an iPad Pro Keyboard? With an iPad Pro Keyboard, you can get the look and feel of a laptop, without the commitment. And below is a list of iPad Pro Keyboards that will help you get that laptop feel.

Apple Smart Keyboard

ipad pro keyboard1

Protection and functionality come together in the Apple Smart Keyboard. Because it is made by Apple, you can be sure that it not only fits your iPad Pro well, but also works with it in a way only Apple products could. It also gives users access to all the ports all while keeping the screen protected when not in use.

Logitech CREATE Keyboard

ipad pro keyboard2

Working in the dark? Don’t rely on your iPad’s screen light to see your keyboard; because not only is it straining to your eyes, this will increase your chance of typos. Instead, what you need is the Logitech Create. It features a backlit keyboard that is perfect for use when working in dimly lit places like a dark bedroom. It can also be used to be folded back and used as a stand however you choose.

ZAGG Slim Book

ipad pro keyboard3

Wirelessly connect your iPad Pro to the ZAGG Slim Book. It features laptop-sized keyboard with a backlight functions that will allow users to type even in the darkest of places. That means less stress on your eyes and more focus on what you’re doing. What’s more, you can choose your favorite color as the backlight of the keyboard for a better experience. Want to use your iPad Pro as a tablet? Easily detach the keyboard without any hassle and turn your iPad Pro back into the tablet that it is.

These are just some of the keyboards that you can use with the very functional and stylish iPad Pro. And all of these are available at an affordable price at MacMall.


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