Top 4 Budgeting Apps for Your iPhone

Ever wonder where your money went after a day of spending? Have no idea how your hard-earned salary seemingly disappeared as soon as you received your paycheck? Are you having trouble keeping tabs on your finances? Well, worry no more: help is at hand. Just grab your iPhone and download any of these apps to help you keep track of your spending habits and achieve financial success.

ToshI Finance, Free


This app has an expense tracker, budget keeper, and a bill organizer that instantly notifies you if a bill is due so you can avoid late payments. It can also be a travel companion and currency converter that can convert up to 165 currencies; plus, it helps you keep your finances secure and private, as you can set a password for the app itself.

Moneybook, $2.99


Moneybook handles your expenses and income. It backs up and restores your data, and provides notes for transactions so you won’t forget where you spent your money. You can also put a password on this app for privacy.

Spending Tracker, Free

spending tracker

This is very similar to the two previous apps where you can track your income and expenses. However, there are some additional features in Spending Tracker. It helps you set a fixed budget to help you meet your spending targets, see a history of your spending, log expenses and incomes, and also create a visualization of where your money goes.

Mint, Free


With Mint, you no longer have to undergo the hassle of manually updating your accounts, as it automatically categorizes your transactions, whether they’re for your checking and savings accounts, credit cards, investments, or retirement. The app lets you know how much money you have left to spend and has bill reminders sent to your device. Lastly, even if you lose your phone, you don’t have to worry the security of your files, because you can easily disable your account online by visiting

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