Top 4 iOS 8 Keyboard Improvements

While the Google Play store offers apps allowing Android users to emulate the look and feel of an iPhone keyboard, now iPhone users will get to enjoy a slew of features previously unavailable (or only available on Android devices). The top keyboard improvements we have found with iOS 8 are:

Suggestions that adapt to your messaging style.
Previously, overriding suggestive text was buried in settings, and the keyboard was slow to adapt to our preferences. For instance, if you preferred “OMW” to remain an acronym, you’d likely be fighting auto correct’s constant attempts to spell it out as “On My Way!” Now, the suggestive keyboard will actually start to adapt to your style.

Suggestions that adapt based on the app.
How you write in an email isn’t how you text, and the new iOS 8 keyboard will be able to adapt to this, making suggestions relative to the medium.

Suggestions that adapt to the conversation.
This is possibly the most interesting update. Now, the keyboard considers the content of the conversation to make suggestions. Albeit slightly creepy at times, the keyboard can now suggest basic answers if you’re casually answering a text. While this is helpful if someone asks you if you want pizza or pasta for dinner, it is inevitable a micro blog will emerge depicting more hilarious suggestions to awkward questions.

Third party keyboard experiences.
At long last, the keyboard is now available to developers. This means users will be able to select a swipe keyboard (popular among Android users) or anything else they fancy.

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