Top 5 Apps for the Animal Lover

animal appsAnimal lovers are a special kind of people. Not only are they capable of showing compassion to their fellow human beings, but their hearts also have room for our four-legged friends. The following apps are for the animal lovers who can’t get enough of their furry buddies. Adopt Pets, Free

Want to find the perfect pet for your family? Always remember: adopt, don’t shop. When you adopt a pet, you’ll save a life and at the same time find a friend for your family. The Petfinder app lets you browse through adoptable animals in your area. You can use this app to find the right pet  for your family today.

PETA, Free

PETA has been fighting for animal rights for as long as they have been around, and now they have their very own smartphone app! Get all of their alerts and take action to help animals right from your mobile device! You can earn points and badges each time you participate in action alerts, too.

VeganXpress-Menu & Shopping Assistance, $1.99

When you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, finding a place to eat in a city can be challenging, especially when most restaurants’ specialties include meat. With the VeganXpress app, you can find vegan eats at national restaurant chains and fast-food restaurants. This app is perfect for the always-busy vegan.

BNB (Be Nice to Bunnies), $2.99

Animal testing is rampant. This practice is inhumane because animals were never meant to try shampoos, cosmetics, and other products formulated for humans. So, the next time you go shopping, make sure that shampoo you’re buying has not been tested on animals. With help from a database from PETA, the BNB app can tell you which companies participate in animal testing.

Animal Kill Counter, Free

Hardcore vegans fight for animal rights, too. A good way for vegans to not lose sight of what they are fighting for is to be aware of how many animals are killed worldwide each second. The Animal Kill Counter app does just that; using a constantly updating timer, it tallies up the number of animals being slaughtered for food worldwide. This app can be a good conversation starter and a definite eye-opener to many.

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