Top 5 displays for your office computers

Computers in your office are the life of your work, which is why you need a display that can really show just how well you perform in your office.

Below are a few displays from different manufacturers to choose from when deciding to make an upgrade to your workstation, or if you’re just looking for a display that can help you be more productive.

desktop1ASUS Professional Graphics
This is the perfect display for computer users looking to make the best of both worlds, that is to say, work and play. With 27 inches of color and power, you can be assured that you get crystal-clear images — ideal for those graphic-heavy games of today and for other work-related charts and documents.

HP SmartBuy EliteDisplay
Top 5 displays for your office computers
Enjoy a brilliant resolution on a 23-inch surface that brings with it great graphics that can accommodate even the most colorful of pictures. The HP EliteDisplay also fits easily onto your workspace, and it gives you enough room for your other office equipment.

desktop3Dell P2314H
This Dell display allows you to easily connect with its various ports and other sets of analog and digital connectivity ports and cables. Experience full HD resolution with a wide viewing angle which will satisfy your craving and need for a display that can showcase the awesomeness of your work.

Samsung SC200 Series
A display that will give you the high definition you want from a display at the same time is easy on your eyes; this is the best way to describe the Samsung SC200 series. It has 23 inches of pixel pushing space that’s guaranteed to show you just how powerful this display can be. Perfect for when you’re giving presentations at your team meetings and as well for gaming and movie watching for your days off.

desktop5LG Electronics
If your job has you reading a lot of documents and articles online, your eyes can get really sore and may lead to permanent damage. But when you’re using LG Electronics display for this kind of job, you are in luck as it has a reader mode which allows you to get the optimal conditions you need to read comfortably by reducing blue light, thus helping you protect your eyes.

Get the most out of your display whether it’s in the office or at home by selecting one of the displays mentioned above, or checking out for more choices.

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