Top 5 Flash Drives for People On the Go

People think that all flash drives are the same, just different storage capacities. But you are wrong! Each flash drive has features that set it apart from other flash drives.

The following are a few flash drives that can be purchased that makes carrying your files convenient and secure.

Transcend JetFlash 500


With 8GB of storage space, you can store all of your important documents and other files in this flash drive and bring them with you wherever you go. Unlike other flash drives that feature a removable cap, the JetFlash 500 is designed with an extension retraction mechanism that allows the connector to slide in and out of sight whenever you need it.


PNY HP Flash Drive

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If your travels bring you to far-flung places and different climates, the PNY HP Flash Drive with 16GB of storage capacity is the perfect storage device to bring with you. It can handle different kinds of weather conditions. You don’t get that with other flash drives that will break in extreme weather, thus corrupting your important files.


Kingston DataTraveler

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A newer kind of flash drive with 16GB of memory space, the Kingston DataTraveler features USB 3.0; this means storing and retrieving big files from this flash drive will be fast and easy. It’s compatible with USB 2.0, so you can still use it with other systems that are still using the older USB interface.



SanDisk Cruzer Edge

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This flash drive is more than just a cute key chain-sized storage device. It has 8GB of storage space, and it protects your files both from the outside and the inside. It has specially designed software installed inside the flash drive that protects your files from unwanted access in case you ever lose it.



LaCie XtremKey

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We saved the best for last. The LaCie XtremeKey flash drive, with up to 32GB of storage space, was built to protect your files. The flash drive’s body is made of ZAMAC metal alloy that was constructed to withstand shock, pressure, extreme drops, and extreme temperatures. So if you happen to lose this while you’re out hiking or climbing a mountain, rest assured that when you find it, it will still have all of your files and other documents safely stored inside.

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