Top 5 iPhone Accessories for Photography

The iPhone 5 is equipped with a highly capable camera and a fully featured Camera app, which lets you take panoramic photos and apply up to eight live filters to your shots. But, while your iPhone’s camera is great on its own, the right accessories can make it even better. These awesome accessories extend the capabilities of your iPhone’s camera, so you can really test your photography skills and take a wider variety of shots.


Olloclip Telephoto + Circular Polarizing Lens System for iPhone 5 / 5s

The Olloclip Telephoto + Circular Polarizing Lens is a palm-sized solution for washed-out photos and photos that have too much glare. This quick-connect lens’ circular polarizing feature ensures that colors are captured accurately, so photos display richer, more vibrant hues. The lens also reduces glare, so you can take stunning photos of water and see what’s below the surface. Of course, the telephoto feature of this Olloclip lens lets you enjoy up to 2x optical magnification, too.

iStabilizer Flex

No matter how steady your hand is, a tripod is essential to taking clear, blur-free photos. The iStabilizer Flex is the perfect tripod for an iPhone – it’s very flexible, durable, and compact. The Flex is equipped with a secure mount and strong legs that can wrap around any surface, so you can take photos at all the angles you want without worrying about your iPhone falling off the tripod. This tripod is also lightweight and compact, so you can carry it around all day.

Aluratek 2600 mAh Portable Battery Charger with LED Flashlight

Using the camera all day can really drain your iPhone’s battery. Make sure you’re always ready to take your next photo by keeping your phone charged up. With a 2600mAh output, this portable battery charger from Aluratek lets you conveniently recharge your phone’s battery on the go; just plug on your iPhone using the USB charging cable and your phone should regain power right away. When not in use, this portable battery charger goes into automatic sleep mode. It even comes with a built-in LED flashlight.

LifeProof fre Case for iPhone 5

The LifeProof fre Case is the best protection you can give your phone if you love documenting your trips to the great outdoors. With this case snapped around your phone, your iPhone practically becomes immune to the damaging effects of water, dirt, and snow. The fre case even protects your phone from drop impact, from up to two-meter drops. So wherever you’re camping or hiking, you can take all the photos you want without worrying about the elements damaging your phone.

Aluratek Lithium-ion Battery Case for iPhone 5 & 5s

If you like accessories that are multi-taskers, you’ll love the Aluratek Lithium-ion Battery Case. This hardshell case quickly recharges your iPhone through its concealed battery pack while protecting your phone against scratches and nicks. This way, you can take photos all day and preserve your iPhone’s sleek looks. For added convenience, the Aluratek lithium-ion battery case is equipped with a 4-light LED battery status indicator so you’ll know when the case itself needs to be recharged.

With all these accessories, you’ll be shooting pro-level photos with your iPhone in no time. Start gearing up today and pay a visit to any MacMall retail store. We’ve got amazing discounts on a wide range of iPhone 5 accessories from the most popular brands today.

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