Top 5 Messaging Updates in iOS8

With the recent launch of iOS 8, many users are rejoicing in the plethora of new features found in the built-in messages app. So far, these are the new features we are the most excited about:

Adding voice to texts.

While some why question why you would want to add voice to a text conversation instead of just calling the person, this little new feature to the Messages app in iOS 8 is unfathomably fun. It’s also a relief for those of us who avoid traditional phone calls like the plague but would like to share a small sound bite. Likewise, if you need to send a quick message to someone but happen to be driving, you can now send a audio message and spare the rest of the freeway from your dangerous texting and driving habits.

mm_blog_ios8message_001Sharing video easily.
Let’s face it: before iOS 8, capturing a moment and sharing it via the message app was a bit too cumbersome, and you often missed the moment while trying to get the camera open and toggled to video. Now, the new Messages app lets you share video much more seamlessly from within the app.

Organized group messages.
At long last, group texts are less confusing. With the new Messages app, users can name group conversations and easily manage who is in the group at any time. If the group is particularly chatty at odd hours, a new Do Not Disturb setting allows you to tune out your friends or coworkers until you want to read through the messages.

Locating contacts.
If the idea of registering your location on a third party app for friend tracking has scared you away, but you wish you could more easily let your friends know where you are at the beach, convention, or road trip the new Messages app lets you quickly share your location.

View all attachments.
Previously, finding the photo someone sent you in a message 3 months ago required several minutes of scrolling. Now, the new Messages app has a feature that allows you to easily view all the attachments that have been shared in a conversation. Parents, pet parents, foodies, and those who communicate primarily through meme: rejoice!

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