Top 5 Things to Love about the iPhone SE

During Apple’s most awaited March 2016 launch, they released tons of exciting new updates, accessories, apps and products that were absolutely incredible. Everyone was expecting quite a lot from this launch and a lot of people were quite surprised when the iPhone SE came out.

Because for the first time, Apple has released an exceptionally affordable mobile for customers seeking a more budget- friendly iPhone option. It has the same design and built as the Apple iPhone 5 and 5s but has the power and remarkable features of the iPhone 6 and 6s. There are so many things to love about the iPhone SE and we listed a few below. Check them out:


  1. Affordable

Top5iPSE1Compared to the Apple iPhone 6s’ price tag, this Apple iPhone SE is a pretty good deal especially if you’re looking for a cheaper iPhone option. With all the fabulous specs you’d want in an Apple handset, the iPhone SE sure does have an arguably cheap $399.00 price tag that you would not believe.


  1. Compact

Top5iPSE2Phones today are designed to have larger screens and have a bigger built, and although these qualities are perfect for people who love playing games or watching online videos, not everyone is a fan of phones that are too big to fit inside your pocket.

So if you prefer a smaller and more compact Apple handset, the iPhone SE has got your back.


  1. Great specs

From the iPhone 6/ 6s’ display to its camera, the iPhone SE has got it all. You get to enjoy incredible visuals, amazing audio, Apple’s Touch ID, powerful processors and even its 12mp camera.


  1. Compatible with several accessories from iPhone 5/ 5s line

Having the same size as the iPhone 5 and 5s has its perks. If you still have all your previous iPhone 5/5s’ accessories, you won’t have to throw away because it will still be compatible with the iPhone SE.


  1. iOS 9

Experience iOS 9’s incredible upgraded features like iOS 9.3’s Night Shift mode (for automatically adjusting your phone’s display after dark) and also the latest True Tone display technology which adjusts your iPhone’s white balance of your display dynamically using its four-channel sensors.

With great specs, classy design and affordable price, people are totally going to love the iPhone SE. Get your very own iPhone SE from our website! We also have other Apple products and accessories that may interest you so feel free to browse through our collection of must- have gadgets.


Image Source: ibtimes, macrumors, theinquirer, menlo-technologies

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