Turn Your iPhone into a DIY Projector

Ever wanted to put a twist to the way you view your photos or watch videos and movies from your smartphones? Or maybe your hand just gets tired holding your phone up so you can watch the latest episode of your favorite show? No worries; here’s a simple guide that can help you make a projector for your phone in a just few simple steps.

First, you will need the following materials:

  • diy projector-1Shoebox
  • Paper clip or Lego blocks
  • Smartphone
  • Magnifying glass
  • X-acto knife or similar cutting tool
  • Electrical tape or black duct tape


With a use of a pencil and the magnifying glass, trace a circle on the side of the shoebox.

diy projector-2


After you are done tracing the magnifying glass, use the knife to cut out the center of the circle. Make sure to closely cut along the line so that light won’t leak out later on.

diy projector-3



After you’ve cut the hole, attach the magnifying lens, but remove the handle first. With the use of the black duct tape, attach the lens to the edge of the box. Make sure that there are no gaps between the box and the lens and that the lens is securely attached so it won’t fall off.

diy projector-4


Take the Lego blocks or paper clip and design a stand for your phone as shown below. Make sure the stand is sturdy enough to hold your phone.

diy projector-5  diy projector-6


Tweak your phone’s settings so that it doesn’t turn the video upside down. Do this by going to Settings> General > Accessibility and turning on AssistiveTouch. A little orb will pop onto the screen.  Click on this orb and then go to Device > Rotate Screen. Now your phone will be able to flip the video in the right direction.

diy projector-7


Find a clear space on your wall for you to fully enjoy the projection. Or if your walls are littered with pictures or posters, you can project videos onto a white bed sheet or something similar for clarity. Since the magnifying glass lacks the focus ring of conventional projectors, you’re going to have to foot focus. To do this, position your phone at the very back of the box, and move it forward or backward until the picture is in clear focus.

diy projector-8


If you’ve gone through the effort of making your own phone projector, you obviously want to get the best results. And to get the best results, set your screen’s brightness all the way up and your room’s brightness all the way down.

diy projector-9

diy projectorHere are some additional tips on making a do-it-yourself projector:

  • If it’s available, use a large aperture lens. This gives you the bonus of a focus ring, allowing you to easily focus your video output.
  • Use black packaging tape to cover your homemade projector for optimum results.
  • When viewing photos using the projector, put it on slideshow mode for a hands-free experience.

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