Should you upgrade to the 2014 MacBook Air?

New is always good, sometimes even better. But is that also the case for the new MacBook Air from Apple? The newest MacBook Air was released at the Apple Online Store this week. Stunningly, it’s $100 cheaper than the earlier models.

For someone unfamiliar to the technicalities of gadgets, price may be one of the key factors in deciding whether it’s time to upgrade from one gadget to the next. Aside from the price consideration, though, is it a wise decision to discard your old MacBook for this new one?

The 2014 MacBook Air, 11-inch model and 13-inch model

The 2014 MacBook Air, 11-inch model and 13-inch model


The MacBook Air 2014 comes in two sizes: the 11-inch model and 13-inch model, costing $899 and $999, respectively. It’s the same thickness and weight as the previous-generation MacBook Air. Apple boasts of the longer-lasting battery life of the newest MacBook Air, which can last up to 12-hours. Like the old MacBook Air, it also has a multi-touch trackpad and a backlit keyboard that helps you type in dim light.

Powered by the fourth-generation Intel Core processors with Intel HD Graphics 5000, the 2014 MacBook 2014 consumes less power but still delivers high performance, which becomes apparent in graphic-intensive tasks. Advanced Wi-Fi support can be found in this MacBook, as it offers support for 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, which is three times faster than the previous Wi-Fi standard. As for the operating system, OS X Mavericks is what you’ll find in this Mac.

Tech experts say that the most important development in the MacBook Air is its boosted CPU power, from the previous generation’s 1.3 GHz capacity to the 2014 model’s 1.4 GHz dual-core i5 capacities. So, though it’s faster than its predecessor, the 2014 MacBook Air is cheaper.

If you were hoping for a MacBook Air with a Retina display, sorry to disappoint you; the 2014 MacBook Air 2014 still does not have this sought-after feature.

So, is MacBook Air 2014 worth the upgrade? If you’re a tech geek and you’re rooting for more improvements in Apple products, you might want to pass on the MacBook Air 2014. Same goes for owners of the 2013 MacBook Air. If you’re just looking for a high-performance laptop and you want to switch over to the Mac side of the fence, then this ultrabook is perfect for you.

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