Verizon Releases XLTE

Verizon iPhone 5s and 5c owners can rejoice today as the cellular behemoth announced yesterday the launch of its new XLTE network, which Apple Insider describes as an “enhanced version of its 4G wireless data” with twice the speed.

So what does this mean for owners of legacy phones, such as the iPhone 4 and 4S? Simply put, you are about to become annoyed.  Soon, a friend or colleague will be able to load that funny cat video 20 times faster than you. Perhaps they will be sympathetic to your slow 3G connection and offer up their phone so that you can watch the video. Perhaps they will freeze in shock at realizing they are mere inches from a modern day fossil. Perhaps they will torment you with the loving ridicule only a friend can deliver. Regardless, the pang you will feel is tech envy, for which the only remedy is an upgrade.

Before this pain hits, take a moment to enjoy your existing 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE connection. Appreciate all the entertainment and information it has delivered for you while you still can. For, if you’re not already envious of XLTE, you will be soon. To find out if XLTE is available in your area, check out the full XLTE service area list.

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