Which Type of iPod is right for you? (iPod)

If you love listening to music then you’ll love having one of Apple’s amazing iPods. Apple iPods are possibly one of the greatest music players available in the market. These come in several models that you can choose from.

There’s the Apple iPod Touch, the Apple iPod Nano, and of course the Apple iPad Shuffle. But what sets them apart is that each comes with specs and features that is designed to fit a particular user’s needs.

If gaming, nonstop web surfing, capturing photos or browsing through your social networking sites is your thing, then getting one of the Apple iPod Touch is your best bet. You see, the iPod Touch comes with a 4- inch Multi- Touch Retina display with 1136 x 640 screen resolution that lets you get a better view of every photo, video and applications.


Image Source: Apple

Aside from that, the iPod Touch comes with a powerful A8 chip built on a 64-bit architecture, an 8MP iSight camera, faster wireless connectivity and the new Apple operating system, the iOS 10. So not only does this incredible device allow you to listen to your favorite tunes, it also allows you to do so much more!

If you want a simpler music player option that can still provide you with a stunning display, then the Apple iPod Nano is the one for you! With such a lightweight and ultra- portable form factor, who would’ve thought that an iPod Nano can store thousands of your favorite tunes? You can watch movies, free podcasts, TV shows, and more on its 2.5 inch Multi-Touch display.


Image Source: Apple

Apple also offers a classic music player that lets you listen all of your music on a device that’s just under an ounce. The Apple iPod Shuffle plays everything you want whenever and wherever! All you have to do is access your music using the clickable controls with VoiceOver button.


Image Source: Apple

If you want your own music player! All you have to do is choose! Take your pick among the Apple iPods that’s available in our website: www.macmall.com!

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