10 Best Apps for Spring Break

app store“Experience is the best teacher,” they say. But what makes an experience better is when you’re at the right place, with your best friends, and the right mobile apps – APP-arently. (Get it?) With a little help from your mobile phone, you can make the most of this year’s spring break and next year’s, and the year after that and so on.


Price: FREE, Get it on: iTunes

Looking for the perfect song to sing along for that roadtrip? Spotify provides millions of songs from your favorite artists and bands, for FREE! While you can create your own playlists, you can browse at a handful of others. This smart app analyzes your musical preferences and suggests new artists that you might want to listen to, lets you share on social networks and responsive to any internet able device. If you’re a student, you also get 50% discount to the premium upgrade!


Price: FREE, Get it on: iTunes

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know where your most wanted artists / bands would be at? With Songkick, you can keep track where the Red Hot Chili Peppers could be touring next, or buy tickets on that John Mayer concert before it even sells out! Songkick even scans your Music library (no, it won’t judge you) or your Spotify playlists and gives you alerts on every artist your listening to. If you’re set on a concert, you can view the lineup and venue map.


Price: FREE, Get it on: iTunes

You and your friends go in, you order, rave or rant about the food and then the bill arrives. What now? Tipulator to the rescue! With this app, you can automatically calculate tax and tip percentages, oh and split the bill evenly! Depending on the level of service, this app reminds you how much you should tip your servers. How’s that for a dining experience?


Price: FREE (with ads), $0.99 (without ads); Get it on: iTunes

Want to impress your friends with your “bartending skills”? Mixology can provide you a long list of drink mix recipes you can do right then and there. From the flirtatious cocktails, to the party rockin’ jello shots, use search filters to find out what recipe you can do with available ingredients, surprise yourself with the random button, get a crash course on bartending and more. Mixology just might give you the glorious (not to mention head-throbbing-in-the-morning) spring break you’ve been asking for!

Find My Friends

Price: FREE; Get it on: iTunes

Find pricks, err friends, in haystack of people – with tap of an app! With spring break in season, hotspots are naturally crowded and finding your companions in a sea of people becomes a blur. With this app, you track anyone who has it and when they arrive or leave a location. The temporary sharing feature allows users to restrict information if they want to. You don’t even need to have it open all the time – it works well in the background so it won’t drain your battery while you use it. Unless they don’t want to be found, don’t waste time finding people.


Price: FREE; Get it on: iTunes

Handling money outside the country gets complicated especially if you’re not too familiar with the local currency. With this app, get up to date with the monetary exchange rate of the US dollar to over 100 currencies and countries. The app also features a built in calculator that allows users to convert values with a tap of a finger.

Quiz Up

Price: FREE; Get it on: iTunes

If you’re with a group of competitive friends trying to outsmart (or outnerd, outgeek, whatever you prefer) each other, this app might test that friendship. With over 400 topics and 200,000 questions – still counting – your next road trip wouldn’t be much of a bore. Play, chat,  and outrank with your friends at real time and settle the score (whatever they may be) once and for all! Have I mentioned you can contribute your own questions to the app database?

Perfect Tan

Price: $0.99; Get it on: iTunes

How do you achieve that sun kissed skin? With an app of course! This app detects your skin type and UV index per time and location so you’d get the right tone without the sunburns! The built in timer lets users now the right time to flip so you’ll get that even tone. It even lets you share on your social profiles!


Price: FREE; Get it on: iTunes

Don’t know where to go? Go Yelp! Search for restaurants, stores and other businesses near you using the Yelp Monocle, an Augmented Reality feature that uses your camera and provide information on a store it captures. Use search filters to minimize your search list, browse and post business reviews, and avail great deals from registered businesses. Make reservations online or us the available address book feature and check in.

Roadside America

Price: $2.99, Get it on: iTunes

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey! Make yours a memorable one with this app. Unlock almost 10,000 attractions around the US and Canadian regions. This app guides you to the most unusual sights, weirdest wonders, and most mysterious places in North America! With over 70 categories, you’ll never fail to find something that will make you go “WOW!” or “What the *insert choice of word*!” Get all the info you need and plan your next trip across the country! In-app prices cost $5.99 for an all access feature, or $1.99 per region.

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