15 DIY iPhone and iPad Docks from Common Household Items

Tired of holding your iPhone or iPad? Instead of going for a branded dock or stand – create one of your own! Not only will it save you money to purchase more important accessories or upgrades, but you also help the environment by recycling some items and giving them a new purpose. (Now while these models feature older iPhone models, it doesn’t change the fact that these small projects can still hold your new iPhone 5S.)

1.  Paper Clip by deanying Paper Clip This paper clip stand is minimal and easy to do. Get those metal paper clips and do this stand in less than 3 minutes! Here’s a video you can watch for the complete instructions.

2.  Paper binder by Crucio Binders All you need are one big binder and one small binder. Clip the big one to the small one’s handles and voila! You have an iPhone stand. Here are the complete instructions with pictures.

3.  Pencils + Rubber bands by Geeky Gadgets There are no specific instructions to do this. You only have to stabilize the pencils to create your very own pencil tripod! Use rubber bands as to prop the pencils up and keep them stable and you have yourself an easel-like stand for your iPhone to rest on as you watch your movie or do something else.

4.  Plastic Packaging by davidleung Package Material Don’t waste that plastic material that comes in your device’s packaging. Read the directions here, and create yourself an instant (not to mention black – black is classy) iPhone stand. Here’s an alternative instruction. #Recycle

5.  Legos


Source: http://www.bitrebels.com/

There’s no manual for this. All it takes are a bunch of Legos and your imagination, and you can build your own stand or dock however you want!

6.  Cassette Holder by Nick Turpin


Source: http://www.geeknaut.com/

Do you still have those old cassette tapes from the 80’s or 90’s in your attic or basement? Check out this video and customize your cassette holders for your device.

7.  Adhesive Tape


Source: http://www.geeknaut.com/

Make an instant stand in less than 10 seconds. Get a roll of tape, stick it into the back of your device, and let physics do the work.

8.  Plastic toys by iPhoneSavior Toy Got some old toys in storage? Why not use them as phone holders? This dinosaur figure, for example, now serves as a stand for an iPhone unit. Just use a sharp tool to cut out a space that fits your device and another space or notch at the bottom part of the toy to insert the connector so your device can charge while riding a dinosaur.

9.  Chopsticks


Source: http://www.geeknaut.com/

Got some leftover chopsticks from your last order of Chinese takeout? Make an iPad stand! All you need is some wood glue and thirteen chopsticks. Form the sticks into a U shape to hold your device and then use a broken chopstick piece to attach to each end to stabilize the dock.

10.  Bookends

Book Stand

Source: http://www.geeknaut.com/

Second in simplicity after the tape stand, this metal bookend can serve another purpose for your tablet. Make sure you put some stabilizers, like rubber feet, along the back of the stand so your iPad is adequately and firmly supported.

11.  A stack of CDs


Source: http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/

With Cloud storage and downloadable content available, CDs might be the next thing to be outdated. Find another purpose for these as your iPhone stand by following these instructions.

12.  Money by Enrique Pardo Money Why spend your money when you can use the money as your device’s stand? This is actually illegal because money is government property, but we won’t tell if you don’t. See how you can fold any bill into a stand with this video. (Note: You can also use a sheet of paper as big as a bill, for practicality.)

13.  Plastic cards by hondahater21 cc1 For some reason, do you collect those plastic ‘credit cards’ you get in the mail? Don’t throw them away and create easy-to-carry and recyclable stands for your device. Watch the instructions here.

14.  Wire by iPadable OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Channel your inner abstract artist and create wonderful wire stands that do not need a definite form. Twist, turn and adjust the wire until it can stably support your device. Use pliers to safely and more efficiently bend your material.

15.  Cereal box by Nicole Martinelli Cereal Box You could also use cardboard, old folders, or just about any paper material with a sturdy property, but for now let’s stick with your empty cereal box. See what the front view looks like through here and start cutting out those Kellogg’s boxes for your new iPad stand! Now that you have 15 ways to build yourself a new dock/stand, search your home or office supplies, start crafting, and never take a single penny out of your wallet. Recycling is a very much recommended nowadays, especially since environmental issues are a serious concern for everyone. Doing that and being practical in spending your money gives you the chance to spend it on what is necessary.

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