The 2013 MacBook Air

Aside from announcements for iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, and the all-new Mac Pro, the 2013 Apple WWDC also saw the release of the 2013 MacBook Air. Though the newest MacBook Airs sport the same form factor as their 2012 predecessors, their interiors have been completely updated with faster processors, added storage capabilities, and high-performance GPUs.

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The 2013 MacBook Air, both 11” and 13” models, come standard with the latest ULT dual-core Intel Core i5 processors, with 4 GB of RAM. Users can opt to bump up this configuration to dual-core Intel Core i7 processors and 8 GB of RAM for speedier performance. The newest MacBook Air also delivers an improved graphics experience, thanks to Intel HD Graphics 5000 GPUs. These GPUs are backed up by up to 1 GB SDRAM, powering the newest MacBook Air past the graphics performance of the 2012 MacBook Air.

Like all Apple ultrabooks, the 2013 MacBook Air seems to be designed for speed. The newest MacBook Airs offer 128 GB or 256 GB of flash memory and Apple’s even upgraded its flash memory technology so it not only offers so much more storage space but also performs faster. Reports say that the flash memory on the 2013 MacBook Air performs 45% faster than the 2012 MacBook Air. The newest MacBook Air models are fully equipped to provide high-speed wireless connections through built-in 802.11ac a/b/g/n WiFi compatibility. The advanced 802.11ac wireless standard is said to be thrice the speed of the 802.11n, the current wireless standard.

MacBook Air aficionados would also be happy to know that the latest-generation MacBook Air models offer improved battery life. The 11-inch 2013 MacBook Air can now go all day, with an extended battery life of 9 hours, almost double the capabilities of the 11-inch 2012 MacBook Air. Similarly, the 13-inch 2013 MacBook Air can now work off the plug for 12 hours, a significant improvement from the previous-generation MacBook Air’s battery life of 7 hours.

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