5 Benefits of Recycling with Apple

In 2012, there was an estimated 2.5 billion units of gadgets purchased, including televisions, computers, tablets, and mobile phones, which make up over half of the total figure (Gartner). Unfortunately, most of these will be discarded by their owners and as little as 11 – 14% of these will be recycled, a relatively small number against an increasing pile of outmoded devices. A fraction of those recycled may not be safely processed either, so the hazard may still be present. The good thing is that the world knows the threat of unsafe recycling, and there is an annual event that wants the threat gone.

Earth Day, an annual event that aims to promote environmental care and awareness, was upheld last week by communities, organizations, and companies around the world. According to Earth Day Network, more than a billion people celebrated and dedicated time to honor the event by promoting healthier lifestyles, reduced energy consumption, and lower matter waste towards a better future.


Apple, for example, launched a campaign drive with PowerON and Sims Recycling Solutions to encourage their consumers to safely and conveniently recycle their old gadgets and equipment, a breakthrough for one of the leading manufacturers in the tech industry.

But how exactly can you benefit from a recycle drive?

  • Get Apple Gift Cards.

For every device you have that is still in mint, good, or fair condition, you can get Apple Gift Cards that you can use at Apple retail or online stores. Every device qualified for reuse is evaluated by PowerON for monetary value; this means that the Apple Gift card you receive will be equal to the market price of your product. If your device does not qualify, Apple will still recycle it for free.

  • Recycled iPods give you a 10% discount.

You read that right. For every iPod unit you successfully recycle with Apple, you get a 10 percent discount if you purchase a new iPod. So basically, you can save money, be  environment-friendly, and still listen to music – AWESOME.

  •  Reduce clutter around your home.

Why wait for an annual spring clean-up when you can do it right now? Hoarding objects around your home actually consumes essential space for more practical equipment. By getting rid of obsolete equipment, you not only free your home of unnecessary mess but you might also finally find that thing your wife/husband/kids have been bugging you about for years. Maybe it’s under that 2002 iMac stacked beside the 1998 iMac? Let Apple recycle those already.

  • Be a more responsible consumer.

Outdated gadgets are usually made up of less environmentally friendly materials than current devices, and discarding these potentially toxic materials improperly can endanger the environment. Over time, you and your family might even suffer for it. Materials from e-waste like lead, mercury, arsenic and greenhouse gas emissions from burning are the main byproducts of e-waste, and these can have negative effects human health. Would you rather risk improper recycling or get an Apple discount? It’s an easy choice to make, right?

  • Recycle products from other tech brands, too.

Working with Sims Recycling Solutions, Apple redirects other brands’ products for safe recycling. So, even if your older devices weren’t manufactured by Apple, you can still participate in the drive to a greener consumerism.  Just call 800-966-4135 to receive a free prepaid shipping label. Then pack up your equipment into a box and send it off. For more information about Sims Recycling Solutions, visit oem.srsapp.com/ApplePoweredBysims/.

The conflict starts with the motivation to achieve what is possibly the greatest benefit we can receive from doing our fair share on protecting our surroundings. Apple is leading a change that may or may not help all of us in the long run, but the question is this – why would you keep a 1998 iMac in 2014? To quote Disney’s Frozen, “Let it go.”

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