5 Best Gifts for Dads

He was there when we were just starting to walk. He helps us stand whenever we fall. When we need help, we know that we can always count on him. He is someone who would never give up on us. He takes care of things around the house, but most especially, of mom and the whole family. He is our friend, mentor, coach, and our number one fan, and, on top of it all, he is our dad.

It’s Father’s Day again. This is another chance for us to show how much we appreciate our dads and all that they have done for us. A lot of us are already thinking of buying gifts to show our gratitude for them, but, besides the usual neckties and “#1 Dad” mugs, how else can we show our appreciation? To make shopping a little easier for you, here are the five best gifts for the best dads.

Sling Media Slingbox 500 – Digital multimedia broadcaster, $325.99
Sling Media Box (MM)Let’s admit it; a lot of dads usually watch the television to relax at home. It’s a bummer for them if they cannot watch their favorite baseball or basketball game in HD quality. The Sling Media Slingbox 500 lets your dad enjoy 1080p HD resolution right in  the living room. With the Slingbox, you could wirelessly tune in to your favorite programs using your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, or TV. It has built-in Wi-Fi support that lets you access and record shows even if you are far from home, so your dad can catch up with his favorite shows when he gets home.

Aluratek Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones, $37.99

AluratekWireless Headphones (MM)Maintaining the lawn and washing the car are hobbies for many of our dads. Why not give your old man a pair of wireless headphones so that they listen to their favorite music even as they work? These Aluratek headphones have a range of up to 33 feet away from the device, so your dad can move about as he pleases.
Apple iPad mini with Retina display – 16GB Wi-Fi, $379.99iPad Mini (MM)
This is perfect for dads who attend lots of meetings but doesn’t want to be burdened with a heavy laptop and stacks of paper when going to work. Besides being lightweight, the iPad Mini supports ultra-fast wireless connections and features a Retina display that makes Web browsing and viewing documents more pleasing to the eye.


Satechi (MM)Satechi Satechi SP3-Box Docking Alarm Clock Radio Speaker, $59.99
As a universal dock for iPhone or iPod, and alarm clock radio and speaker system, the Satechi SP3-Box Docking Alarm Clock Radio Speaker is certainly the perfect gift for your dad so he can start his morning right. Another good feature of this device is that it can be controlled wirelessly via a remote control.
Kensington (MM)Kensington Proximo Fob Phone and Key Finder, $37.99
Many dads have on-the-go lifestyles. This is why the Kensington Proximo Fob Phone and Key Finder is the perfect gift for fathers who tend to leave the house in a hurry. With the help of this device, they no longer have to scurry while looking for car keys and phones. Another plus for the Kensington Proximo is that it can find up to five devices.
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