5 Must-Have Safety Apps for the iPhone

5 Must-Have Safety Apps for the iPhone

Did you know that a study conducted from 2007 to 2008 reported that 99 percent of the respondents, all women, have been harassed by a stranger in public? This includes strangers leering, sexually explicit comments or gestures, following, and assault. Now picture this: you go out with for a break from all the stress from home or work. Maybe you take a jog, go bar-hopping with friends, or go on a romantic date with a long-time crush. On your way home, you suddenly feel like you’re being followed or watched by someone. What do you do?

These days, we have technology to aid us in almost everything we do. Fortunately, there are a number of safety apps that you can download to your mobile phone to help you feel more secure. These apps can be beneficial for anyone with a mobile phone since, with just a tap of a finger, you can head home with peace of mind.  Your loved ones are also assured that they can track you down if something happens.

Here are the top 5 apps you should have on your iPhone for safety purposes.

  • Find my iPhone

This FREE app lets you locate your unit if bad luck strikes and you lose your phone (or even Mac). Download the app and sign in your using Apple ID through iCloud. With the help of another iOS device, you can find your missing unit; protect your data by remotely locking it, play a sound, display a custom message or erase all your data completely. For users of iOS 6 and above, a Lost Mode is included; this lets you track your iPhone’s current location. This feature comes in handy if there’s a possibility your unit has been stolen. Major requirements: Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection and an activated iCloud account.

find my iphone   find my iphone 2


  • Uber

Business trips or a night out with friends should be done with style and a trusted designated driver. With this FREE app, you could order your own temporary ride and pick from four available car models that could take you anywhere. The service is available in more than 100 cities and 30 countries. Payment is thru PayPal or credit card so you don’t need to bring your bills out. Reviews are mostly positive, praising Uber drivers’ professionalism and good nature so you don’t have to worry about anything.

uber   uber2


  • Hollaback!

What if you could catch a creep in the act and warn other people immediately by pinning it down on a map? The Hollaback app gives you just that. Simply input your story plus the location of the incident through GPS or manually. This app relies on crowdsourcing to give other users significant warnings about a particular place so next you might be threading the area you’ll know where not to go and who to look out for. End street harassment and download the app for FREE.

hollaback   hollaback2


  • Life 360 – Family Locator, Messaging and More

Critically acclaimed by various trusted organizations and institutions, this FREE app lets you track down your loved ones in real time. This app allows you to set up group circles that include your family, friends and other people you want to keep in check when you need it and if you want them to know where you are. The app also includes a messaging interface so you can directly send them a reminder when you need to. Know when a person arrives or leave a place as the app will notify you. In-app purchases give users premium services that will assure you more that your family’s safe.

life 360-2   life360


  • React Mobile

Alarm your family and friends with a tap of a finger through this FREE app. Wherever you are, if you definitely feel threatened, be it because someone’s following you or even if you’re just at home, your selected contacts will receive SOS signals through SMS, e-mail, and social networking sites. The app even features a 911 prompt. Track your loved ones in real time and get informed if they become threatened.

reactmobile   reactmobile2


We may not eliminate danger in public places, but we can do something to prepare for it and prevent it. With the help of technology, you have the power to keep yourself safe from perverts and psychos that may hide their true identity with a smile or a helping hand. Do you need to wait for something bad to happen or would you take a stand now? Fortunately, these apps are all available on iTunes for FREE.

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