5 Stylish MacBook Cases for the Millenials

The word millenials refer to the young adults born between the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. This generation is more than responsible in making technology boom over the past decades, making tech manufacturers and designers eager to supply a growing demand for hardware and technology that will suffice the needs and requirements of a community that continues to be accustomed to smart living.

In our generation, our preference usually depends on a device’s popularity or how much it can help us with our daily work load. But some of us are a little more practical than that. We value portable and lightweight devices that we can carry anywhere we go. Conveniently, Apple designed the MacBook Air to address that need.

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Appropriately, Millenials are very fond of accessorizing their devices to infuse their own personalities into what they use, with aesthetic form and convenient function to consider. Here are 5 distinct MacBook Air bags and cases that will surely provide the purpose you need to start conquering the world.


The MacAlly Peripherals Clear Hardshell Protective Case for the 13″ Macbook Air provides a sturdy defense for your MacBook Air. It’s snap on design provides a clean and easy fit to your MacBook Air, and features complete access to your ports, and vents to convenient device integration. The base also has anti-slip feet made with silica gel that keeps your MacBook Air stay in place.

















What makes this case the perfect for artists is its transparency. Since the MacBook Air is coated with a metallic outer layer, it’s a bit too plain. As an idea, you could take advantage of the case’s clarity and try doodling into it using Sharpees or design stickers that provide a little more distinction. This method also keeps your MacBook Air with its original look if you try to sell it. Get this case for $32.99.

Feminist is defined as a person who believes in the equality of both sexes. And while the pink hue is often associated with girls or women in general, that shouldn’t stop you for showing your support with gender equality, or even better – being successful regardless of what any misogynist says.

















The Speck Products SeeThru Satin PolyCarbonate Case for MacBook Air 13 – Bubblegum is manufactured with a smooth, semi-translucent frosted finish and a grippy edge that keeps your MacBook Air secured from initial damages and scratches while still retaining a sense of style. The case is made from a durable polycarbonate that perfectly encloses your device. Get this case for $43.99.

Students or those on-the go professionals need to be ready to move when their schedules are already packed with classes and meetings. While the MacBook Air is light and provides easy access to your files, you still need to keep it secured while on the move.

















The Protective Case Cover for 13″ Macbook Air – Steel Gray provides a gentle protection for your MacBook Air against dust and scratches while keeping it stylish in a metallic palette and soft lining. It also provides your MacBook Air a book-like appearance that goes with a smart-casual style that speaks “Hi, I have ideas that I think you would like to hear,” then you whip out your MacBook Air and start showing presentations to strangers. (I’m just kidding, don’t do business talks to random people.) Get this case for $39.99

The MacBook Air provides a portable efficiency for all occasions. From lobbying a social bill to be pushed through in congress, to cruising the coast line in spring break, you always need a trusty laptop bag that will secure your MacBook Air wherever you go.

















Why not get the Green Tucano One slim case for the 13” MacBook Air? This compact laptop bag just screams the go signal for you to face the world with the assistance of your MacBook Air. The bag features an adjustable and removable strap that so you can effortlessly bring your laptop and accessories. It even has an integrated compartment for your iPad! The extra space has an Anti-Slip system and a Secure-Fit Pocket to accommodate your tablet. It’s also made of tear-proof technical materials that ultimately protect your gadgets wherever you go. This product is on sale right now – get 33% off if you order now!

If you want to be professional, you have to look professional. Fortunately, black always does the trick and the V7 13.3″ Cityline Toploader Laptop Case for the 13” Macbook Air provides the right protection for your device.

















The Toploader is padded with an ultra-protective anti-shock EVA bubble compartment for your laptop. It also has extra compartments for your laptop accessories like chargers, hard drives, etc. Its adjustable and removable strap also provides comfort and convenience so you can carry your devices everywhere. Get this laptop bag for $19.99

With these accessories with you, you can be get productive, play to pass the time and be entertained while taking a break. Wherever you go, however you want, these provide extra protection so your devices have more chances of helping you with your workload when you need it. Other than that, at least you do it with style.
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