7 Drinking Apps to use from Sober to Hung Over

drinkingappsEveryone loves a good time. Some prefer one way of celebration over another, but, more often than not, consuming alcohol gives some people a sense of liberation from all the stress from work or at home. Almost fifty-two percent of Americans are reported to be drinkers, and that’s not a bad thing – as long as people know how to be responsible drinkers… or at least know how to properly do a night out.


Fortunately, there are apps that can give you a little assistance for the night’s events. Here’s the itinerary:

  • Know where to hang out with Untappd. This FREE app helps you find the nearest bars in your area and lets you know about these bars’ specialty beer brews. Plus you can also see where your friends are through the app. Rate beers and recommend them to everyone through social network widgets you can use. For every place you visit or beer you drink, you will unlock a variety of badges, so you know exactly how far you are with the forgotten art of beer-hunting.

untapped2   untapped


  • If you’ve already found a place where you can hang, see if you can score beer deals with NearBeer. Get this app for FREE and find discounted beer purchases in the area. Share where you find good deals or flag bad ones; these efforts will give you Beer Karma and allow you to move up ranks in the user network. Do your fellow humans some good and save the world from overpriced beers.

nearbeer   nearbeer2


  • Not a fan of the golden brew? How about finding the right cocktail or liquor with Mixology? This app is basically a database for every cocktail known. It also lets you contribute your own mixes for the world to discover. Even if you’re at home, you can use this FREE app to concoct drinks with whatever ingredients are available in your pantry. You can also find bars for a night out or stores when you run out of supplies.

mixology   mixology2


  • Get the party started with Party Games: Drinking Wheel! When drinks are flowing, the people should be raving. What better way to do that by playing a little game? For $0.99, this app lets you play with a spinning wheel with 22 different tasks that will reveal your drinking fate. Spin! Spin! Spin!

drinkingwheel   drinkingwheel2


  • Already feeling a little tipsy? DrinkTracker lets you know when you’ve had enough. By entering personal data and the line-up of all your drinks, this app calculates your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) every 60 seconds. By monitoring your BAC, you could still have a good time without worrying about getting a hangover in the morning or doing something that you’ll regret. If tipsiness gets the better of your sense of direction, the app also features a map you can navigate; flag a taxi or contact someone to pick you up with a few taps. Get this app for $1.99 and drink responsibly!

drinktracker2   drinktracker


  • Having those urges to call that someone when you shouldn’t? Get Drunk Dial NO!  For $0.99, this app hides certain people’s contact information (Your Ex, your mom, that booty call, etcetera) for 12 hours so you don’t risk making a call or sending a text message that you’ll regret. Segregate these contacts into a group so you can easily restrict access to their digits.

drunkdialno   drunkdialno2


  • Good morning! Or is it? After last night’s party, give yourself a little respite from the aftermath with Brainwave Headache Relief. Ninety-nine cents will get you an app that synchronizes your brain waves through audio frequencies, allowing you to sleep more or relax. Adjust the app’s settings according to your preferences so you can easily deal with that head-splitting headache with natural sounds in the background.

brainwave headache relief   brainwave headache relief2

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