8 apps every social advocate should have

Democracy is everything. I fully believe that. It perpetuates order, a sense of conviction and the chance to do something that’s bigger than us. But sometimes, there are some circumstances that society would be held back by the people or laws that should be prioritizing that particular order, justice or idea. Sometimes, we need to unite and show that we are not to be taken lightly or ultimately, not to be oppressed.

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Today’s generation is fortunate to be in the development and peak of technology, giving us more access to information and the ability to share our thoughts. Add that to joining a cause, it fully magnifies technology’s purpose to inform and get more people to involve and support.

Here are 8 things to do and apps to use to start your cause:

  • 1Let people know what you’re about. Most devices nowadaysare equipped with online access through cellular data or Wi-Fi.We have social media networking to connect with our family, friends and even with the international community. Put them together and you have the power to send out updates and gain feedback directly from the people.

Use HootSuite to integrate all your social media networks into one platform. With this app you can send one post and publish it into Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. This makes updating your followers easier, get their opinion on any matter in real time, and invite more people to know about your cause.

  • Get people to support. After informing people of your cause, you should tell them what they can do to uphold your intentions. Launching an online petition does an effective way to get people involved in your cause as they can see that this is something that others have also supported. If you’re going against an organization or a public figure, a petition also tells them that what they’re doing is something that affects the community in a negative way and might decide to do better.


Create your own online petition with Change.org and start gathering your supporters!

4Communicate with confidentiality. Being an advocate means there are some people you’ll be dealing with indirectly. That means there’s a certain risk especially if you’re handling critical information that might advance your cause into the right direction. What you need to do is use a high level of trust with the people you work with and access to more discreet line of communication that should be impervious to unauthorized access.

Cryptocat lets you do just that – this messaging app protected from potential online surveillance and is data-encrypted so any information that goes through this platform is protected. You can create group conversations for get more news and updates from the people you work with.

  • 5Crowdsource funds. Some causes need more than just support from the people. Non-profit organizations rely on donations from the community to create change and tend to their advocacy. Luckily, people are willing to donate if they find your cause to be worth the profit you require.

Start saving your financial resources with Kickstarter! This app dedicates its presence to help individuals and organizations to gather donations from the online community. From industrial projects, events, manufacturing products – over 15 categories are available to choose from.

9Show the world what is happening as it happens. Now you got the word out. You have the support. You have the funding. What else is to do but make it happen? The good thing about the internet is we can access information and updates in real time. It makes people more aware of the situation as it occurs and it makes them know that there really should be something to be done.

Live streaming can be launched and access through uStream, an website that hosts live coverage of events, shows and other occasions that viewers want to see. HD streaming, chat boxes, and device responsive – it’s the perfect way to bring your audience into the event and show them that their support is very much worth it.

  • 7Know where your troops are. When you go into the field, it’s very inconvenient to not know where everyone is. Sure instant messaging and mobile calls are handy but what if your companions have a lot on their hands? Fortunately, thanks to the help of GPS and online access, there are ways to find your peers anytime you want.

Locate everyone with Find your Friends through your iPhone, iPad or iPod and get together. With this app, you would know the exact location of each of your contact so you can go to them if they need you.

  • Deal with the Law. Sometimes, the authorities might have a blurred view on what you’re doing and might flag you for doing something that could be against the law. Remember to be mindful of your actions and keep it within the lines. If you’re against something illegal or immoral, why should you level with that, right?

12When the unfortunate happens, I’m Getting Arrested helps users to instantly inform everyone if they would be arrested. With one tap of a finger, your customized message and coordinates will be sent to your preferred contacts so you can get help ASAP.

  • Always backup your data. If this is a fight you want to continue to the end, you always need a contingency plan. Likewise, you also need to keep all the data and updates you collected overtime so you can present them when required, and if certain “incidents” happen.

Use your iCloud! Every data in your phone can be synced into your account so you can recover them later if it gets lost from your device. You can also access files from all your devices and share them with everyone if you want to. This app can also help you track stolen/lost devices.

You have the right to voice your opinion and support what you want. It is however your responsibility to make sure you’re doing this for the benefit of everyone. A small stone is nothing on land, but throw it into water and it will make a continuous ripple that resonates in the whole pond.

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