Apple says they are not affected by “Heartbleed”

In the advent of the “Heartbleed” security flaw that may have affected thousands of sites, Apple has revealed that their mobile, desktop and Web services were not affected.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed that they have never incorporated the affected software onto iOS and OS X, and that their key web-based services were not affected.

“Heartbleed is a flaw that was discovered a few days ago in OpenSSL, an set of encryption software used by web companies for information safeguarding. This makes it vulnerable to stolen encrypted information. Major internet firms have ratcheted up patches to fix this, while security firms have recommended updating passwords once companies have updated their security software. has the complete FAQ on this flaw and how to fix it. Meanwhile, numerous entities and security professionals have have advised people to use password management tools like Lastpass, 1Password or the Safari Browser password generator.

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