Apple Pay expansion plans set

Apple Pay users will eventually have a larger base to work with, if you believe the reports coming in.

Apple Pay Vice President Jennifer Bailey reaffirmed Apple’s commitment to have the mobile payment service ramp up its expansion in the Eurasian markets, preferably in markets where it has operations in.

Specific details regarding where the service will be made available next has been minimal at best, although it is affirmed that Hong Kong will eventually have Apple Pay soon. During Tim Cook’s visit to India, the Apple CEO hinted at the possibility of bringing it to the second most populous nation.

Bailey adds that they are in talks with numerous banks and partners to check on how fast Apple Pay can be rolled out in potential new markets. She shares that one thing they look at when deciding on launching or expanding Apple Play in a particular country is the size of the market for Apple products.  They also conduct an evaluation of said market’s credit card and debit card use, as well as the availability of contactless payment systems.

Apple already has made the mobile payment service available to Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, aside from the United States, where it now covers 2,500 bank locations.

In Singapore, Apple Pay covers 80% of the cards in the country, having five banks on board with the mobile payment service.

In Canada, Apple has been able to secure support for the service from the so-called Big Five, enabling the service to fully compatible by June.

Bailey shared that it hit three million provisions within its first three days in China, noting that it is “seeing incredible user and developer reception” with certain technological firms, as they integrate the service into their applications to enable digital payments. From the initial twelve, it has since expanded to nineteen locations.

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