Apple: You are more powerful than you think

Using StarWalk on the iPhone 5s

Using StarWalk on the iPhone 5s

We are more powerful than we think.

More often than not, we think that our current state is all that we are and all we can ever be, that we are no longer capable of growing, of developing ourselves to be better than who and what we are today. We have stopped creating and shaping our lives. In other words, we exist but we do not really live. We are greater and more powerful beyond today and Apple wants us to realize this.

Just a few days ago, the ad Powerful was released by Apple to remind us what we are capable of: creating, shaping, and sharing our lives. This is possible through the help of new apps for the iPhone 5s, which the ad featured. Below is a list of apps shown in the video:

  • StarWalk – This educational app allows you to identify stars and constellations through your iPhone’s camera. It also provides facts on over 200,000 celestial bodies that you might find in the vast ocean of stars.
  • Instant Heart Rate – With this app, you no longer need to buy a separate heart rate monitor to measure your pulse. All you need to do is to gently place your finger on top of your camera lens and voila! You’ll see a reading of your heart rate.
  • Word Lens – If you are fond of traveling, Word Lens is perfect for you. Through the video recording feature on your iPhone’s camera, you can translate foreign languages anytime and anywhere, even without an Internet connection.
  • Amplitube – This is a mobile guitar and bass multi-FX processor. It can also work as a DAW recording studio.
  • Luminair – This app lets you conveniently control creative lighting effects through your iPhone.
  • Clear Tune – Through this app, you can tune and pitch musical instruments.
  • GarageBand – This popular app works as a full-featured recording studio, so if you’re dreaming of creating a band but cannot find the right band members, you can download this for free.
  • Vocalive – This app gives you real-time professional vocal effects as you perform live.

You can enjoy using all these fun, creative apps through the iPhone 5s. Get the latest iPhone by heading to or visiting MacMall retail stores at Torrance, Chicago, Santa Monica, and Huntington Beach. We offer great discounts you won’t find anywhere else.

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Image: Apple

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