Why the Apple Watch is Awesome

Last September 9, Apple held one of the most awaited events of the year as the world expected the tech giant to introduce its new iPhone models. However, the scene stealer of the whole event was the Apple Watch. This new gadget left the world in much awe and excitement. This is a new product category that’s designed to be worn and Apple was definitely planning to impress when it unveiled the Apple Watch.

While the tech industry is not a stranger to smart watches, it is important to note that those who attempted to manufacture them did not achieve the level of hype Apple is currently getting with this new release. The tech giant did leave us in a bit of mystery as it did not mention many of the tech specs of the Apple Watch. Nevertheless, here’s what we currently know about what could be the next big Apple device to take on the world.

Two sizes, three variations, eleven Faces

At first glance the Apple Watch looks like a convenient fusion of the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Designed with a waterproof, rounded square body, the Apple Watch is available in 2 screen sizes: 38 mm (1.5 inches) and 42 mm (1.7 inches) – both of which are made with a stunning Retina Display.

screen size

Screenshot from apple.com


You can choose three model variations according to your personal preferences:

Screenshot from apple.com

Screenshot from apple.com


  • Apple Watch, which is made of Stainless Steel and has a scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal screen. This model also has the most assortment of bands to choose from:

            Link Bracelet – stainless steel bracelet with removable links to fit your wrist. Stainless steel and Space black stainless steel variations available.

            Sport band – light, durable and flexible. Available in black and white.

            Classic Buckle – black Dutch leather with a stainless steel buckle.

            Milanese Loop – Italian style chain made of magnetic stainless steel.

            Leather Loop – Italian, textured leather that’s available in three colors: Stone, Bright Blue and Light Brown.

           Modern Buckle – Granada leather that’s comfortable and undeniably fashionable, with soft pink, brown and midnight blue variations.

  • Apple Watch Sport, targets fitness and sports enthusiasts. Made from Anodized Aluminum cases that are available in silver and Space Gray variations, the Apple Watch Sport features a screen made of strengthened Ion-X glass. Sport bands can be availed in five colorful and flexible variants: White, Black, Green, Blue and Pink.
  • Apple Watch Edition, the most sophisticated of the three, is made from 18-carat gold, including the buckle, with two variations – Yellow and Rose. It also features a Sapphire Crystal screen and is available in only four designer bands and closures: Rose Gray / Bright Red Modern Buckle or black / white sports bands.



Template taken from knowyourmeme.com

Template taken from knowyourmeme.com

This is a surprising change for Apple as consumers can now fully customize their own Apple Watch according to their individual tastes and preferences, unlike with other products that come in a default design that you can personalize only through separate casings or accessories. With the Apple Watch, there are easy-release buttons on the backside that lets you swap with a different band or closure instantly.

The Apple Watch also features an interchangeable face that gives you different functions or look as you need it. Here are the eleven face variations so far: Chronograph, Color, Modular, Timelapse, Solar, Astronomy, Motion, Utility, Mickey Mouse, Simple and Photo.

What to expect with the Apple Watch

The name of the Apple Watch is an understatement. Because as much as it can give you information on how late you are for work or that  it’s been an hour since you last ate, it provides users a much broader function and accessibility. One time feature to take note of is the Automatic Time Adjustment that sets your clock according to your GPS location. So even if you’re traveling, you’ll always know the correct time – according to your time zone.

But, before anything else, there are two things you have to remember to use the Apple Watch: first, you have to own an iPhone (sorry Android/Windows fanatics); second, you need to register an Apple ID.

There also four ways to operate the Apple Watch:

Screenshot from apple.com

Screenshot from apple.com


  1. Through the touchscreen, you can interact with your apps and other data. The screen is ultrasensitive and registers each activity your fingers do with the Apple Watch.
  2. The Digital Crown is a new feature for Apple products that lets you zoom in and out of the screen to view your images in your preferred scale and also lets you highlight options in your screen when you scroll it. Click the middle button to OK commands.
  3. Positioned just below the Digital Crown, press the big button to access your favorite contacts. We’re guessing this also functions as the “Ping My Phone” button that makes your iPhone sound off if you happened to misplace it.
  4. Speak up – Siri is integrated into the Apple Watch to assist you with anything.

It is also important to note the Body Sensor at the back of the Apple Watch that touches your skin. Four round sensors use Infrared technology and LED Photodiodes (two for each) that examines your pulse rate accordingly. This information is then directed to the fitness and health apps you use, or through the new apps integrated exclusively to the Apple Watch.

Screenshot from apple.com

Screenshot from apple.com

These include the Activity App that interprets your data into three ring graphs. Each ring measures the calories you’ve burned, how long you’ve been exercising and how long you’ve been standing. The goal is to fully fill up the rings daily. The Workout App is another feature that integrates your exercise activity. As you move, it records data in real time including time, distance, calories burned and your pace. It’s conveniently synced with the Activity app, both of which can then be connected to other fitness apps that you regularly use.

Screenshot from apple.com

Screenshot from apple.com

Now while fitness is a big deal with other people, I’m a couch potato so I think it will have little impact on my lifestyle. However, communicating with your friends, family and colleagues through the Apple Watch? Now that is something. The Apple Watch syncs with your contacts on your iPhone and lets you communicate with your friends through a variety of ways.

The Apple Watch features a new technology called a Taptic Engine that lets the device generate physical notifications. So if a message pops up, there’s a call or if someone sends you an email, the Apple Watch vibrates discreetly and accordingly.

  • You can also input instant replies for the messages you receive through emojis or templates you can choose, eliminating the need for long texts. Or you can dictate your reply and Siri transcribes it for you.
  • Built-in speakers and microphone allow you take or initiate calls. You can also transfer the call from the Apple Watch to your iPhone for longer conversations.
  • There are also interactive alternatives exclusive to the Apple Watch. For example, you can doodle on the screen, send it to your contact and it will animate as to how you drew it; or keep it even more discreet and send taps. Use the Apple Watch as a spy and communicate via Walkie-talkie mode.
  • This seems to be the most romantic feature of any device/gadget ever. Through the Body Sensors, you can now share your heartbeat to anyone. Intimate, eh? Or, you know, useful when you think you’re having a heart attack.

With all these features giving us a more interactive experience with ourselves and towards the people we know (do I need to rephrase that? Eh, you know what I mean), it’s interesting to point out that Apple will be paving a new road for businesses and consumers to get a more convenient relationship.

Apple Pay could be the next big thing to take over the commercial industry as it lets you purchase goods and services with just a wave of your wrist. Integrating the Passbook app from your iPhone, the Apple Watch then registers all your credit and debit cards so you can use them securely through a Device Account Number. This number is then accounted into the system for processing, keeping your accounts safe and secured. With VISA, Mastercard and American Express onboard, expect easy shopping and transactions – a reported 220,000 stores have already signed up, and it seems a bunch of national business franchises are currently in talks to take part of the deal.

Screenshot from apple.com

Screenshot from apple.com

So, are you excited for the Apple Watch yet or are you still waiting for more information? To tell you the truth, this is sort of a big risk for Apple since this would be the first time a smart watch would be marketed this heavily. Until then, watch out for updates and reviews about the Apple Watch.

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