Astropad update provides new iPad Pro wrinkles.

Last December 21, Astropad announced an update on their app that incorporates enhancements for iPad Pro and in particular Apple Pencil users.

Astropad provides Mac users with a feature that is akin to what a Wacom tablet does, but with the iPad’s benefits, to create a digital sketch experience. Having the app on the iPad Pro allows the tablet to be paired with its Mac desktop counterpart. This allows the user to be able to draw, sketch, and control what one can do in Mac software, like Photoshop.

The app coming in has basic Apple Pencil support and the native resolution of the iPad Pro’s 12.9” display.

The latest version of the app ensures recognition of the Apple Pencil’s capabilities, particularly given its pressure sensitivity feature. Astropad has a custom pressure curve that incorporates that, precisely. Advanced stoke tuning ensures the prevention of accidental marks.

Other aspects included in the update ensures improvements in image quality and reduction in latency between the tablet and the desktop.

The app update is free of charge, and for those who want to get the app, it costs $19.99 on the App Store. It will require the latest versions of both the iPad and the Mac.

More details about the app can be seen here.

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