Bag for the iPad Pro promoted by Waterfield Designs

One thing that has been pointed out is that laptop bags aren’t necessarily the right bags for the iPad Pro.

With its aspect ratio, the tablet actually is over an inch taller than the 13-inch laptops. The laptop bags tailored for those kinds of notebooks will not fit the tablet.

Waterfield Designs came up with a bag that is tailored for the iPad Pro, called the Outback Solo.

Taking the messenger bag concept, it utilizes a minimalist design out of its waxed canvas and leather construction. Ensuring the bag is secured is a magnetic snap that is found on the flap.

When opening the bag, it only has one compartment, with enough room for just the tablet, whether it is incorporating the case or not. It also has three more pockets, with two in the front and one at the back. One of the front pockets would be able to fit a smartphone, with the other front pocket having a wider room for to carry other items. The back pocket is wide enough to be able to fit magazines and similar items.

Users can opt to add a shoulder strap to the Outback Solo at an additional cost.

For more details about the Outback Solo, you can get more information here (

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