Belin WeMo Switch Review

In this video, MacMall takes a look at the Belkin WeMo switch. The name may sound silly, but it’s a rather handy device for people itching to get on the smart home bandwagon without spending a ton of money. Essentially, the Belkin WeMo switch is a slightly smarter outlet that allows you to turn your devices on or off from your smartphone or tablet.

This is ideal for managing simple electronics, such as your coffee pot, stero, curling iron, desk lamp, etc. If you ever wonder if you’ve left the coffee pot, curling iron, or space heater on after you’ve left the house, the WeMo switch is an easy way to turn these items off remotely. Likewise, if your bed is particularly comfortable and your lamp or other device is just out of arm’s reach, the Belkin WeMo switch lets you turn your gadgets on without ever leaving the bed (perfect for a lazy Caturday).

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend using this for appliances that need to save before they shut down safely, such as your desktop computer or gaming console.

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