Just ask for Brandon.

I received the following from a satisfied Mall on Call Services customer. I just had to share.  Our service technicians are here ready and waiting to help you. No appointment needed!

“Excellent Customer Service by Brandon Rooks Technical Services Manager, MacMall HB

MacMall of Huntington Beach,

My family and I will exclusively make future purchases at MacMall of Huntington Beach due to an outstanding employee, Brandon Rooks.  I will also recommend your store to my business associates and friends due to the excellent customer service I received from Mr. Rooks. My first visit to your store was on 3/13/12. I came in with my problematic Mac laptop.  Mr. Rooks was able to assess and remedy the issues quickly, adeptly, and was quite informative. Mr. Rooks was professional, courteous, and friendly. Brandon Rooks is a strong asset to MacMall. After such a positive experience, I look forward to doing business with your company in the near future.”

I hope to see you soon here at MacMall Huntington Beach.



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