Brydge releases iPad Pro keyboard

At the CES 2016 expo in Las Vegas, keyboard manufacturer Brydge revealed its latest keyboards that will soon be available to the public, including its first one for the iPad Pro.

Already among those setting the standard for keyboards tailored for the iPad, Brydge launched the BrydgePro keyboard for the latest Apple tablet, as well as the BrydgeMini for the Apple iPad Mini 4.

The BrydgePro keyboard (image from

The BrydgePro keyboard (image from

Brydge CEO Nicholas Smith asserts the company’s dedication “in being the market leader in innovative devices that deliver the ultimate experience in mobility and productivity.” Acknowledging the iPad Pro as a “game-changing device” that is “further revolutionizing the way we work, learn, and play,” he added that the BrydgePro intends on unlocking the tablet’s full potential and “deliver the perfect blend between iPad and MacBook.”

Already available for pre-orders with shipping set to commence in April, the BrydgePro would be the only keyboard for the iPad Pro that is made of 100% aluminum. Its 0.27 inches thick frame makes it even thinner than the MacBook Air, while its 1.6 lb weight puts it even a half-pound lighter than its competitors. User will have three color options for their keyboard: Gold, Silver, or Space Gray.

Aside from those, the BrydgePro will have the usual features already seen on the previous iterations of Brydge keyboards: Bluetooth connectivity, the 180-degree hinge system, backlit keys that can handle varying brightness levels, and a rechargeable battery that can last for three months.

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