Choosing between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro

With the release of the iPad Pro, users might still be confused if the new tablet might be the better option instead of the iPad Air 2.

The people of Tablet PC Review have gotten themselves accustomed to using both devices, and came up with these recommendations:

Build and Design:

The iPad Pro is almost twice as big as the iPad Air 2, and also is heavier. With the additional bulk, it can fit a display that is 78% larger.

With the larger screen, the iPad Pro has a better resolution (2732 x 2048) compared to the iPad Air 2 (2048 x 1536). However, with a 264 pixels / inch pixel density for both tablets, screen quality is almost identical.

With the introduction of side-by-side multitasking via iOS 9, users can handle two applications to be shown on the screen simultaneously. The iPad Pro has a better feel with that compared to the iPad Air 2, given that the smaller screen on the latter makes it more cramped. The split-screen for the former is actually just smaller than the entire window for the latter.

Another advantage for the iPad Pro is with the larger screen, it is the better option for watching videos.

Those who prefer reading the eBooks might find the larger tablet a little bit too cumbersome for their taste. Ditto is the case for those who play casual games like Bejeweled. In addition, the iPad Air 2 might be a better alternative for those who use the on-screen keyboard for typing.

The iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2
As such, based on the build and design of each tablet, the iPad Air 2 is better suited for casual users, given that there isn’t really that much of an advantage from the larger display. Those who are more inclined with productivity might gravitate to the iPad Pro.

Buttons, Ports, and Speakers:

Although both tablets have the same selection of buttons and the Lightning port, the iPad Pro has four speakers, with a pair found on both the top and bottom edges. In contrast, the iPad Air 2 only has two speakers that are on just one edge. Having double the speakers allows the iPad Pro to produce far more sound and the more ideal option for watching movies or clips.


The iPad Pro is the first device Apple will utilize the Smart Connector for. Keyboards can be attached to it in order to power the accessory. In contrast, the iPad Air 2 utilizes Bluetooth connectivity for its clip –on keyboards.

Apple also devised its first stylus for the iPad Pro called the Apple Pencil. The bigger display allows for a larger canvas to conduct actions like drawing, painting, or sketching. There are also third-party styli that connect via Bluetooth for the iPad Air 2, although the smaller display makes it less ideal for the actions noted above.

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Both tablets have accessories that allow for a temporary storage boost. A couple of items that can do that are the SanDisk iXpand flash drive, and the Leef iAccess microSD card reader.


The iPad Pro’s 2.26 GHz dual-core A9X 64-bit chip has double the memory bandwidth and a twice-as-fast storage performance of the iPad Air 2’s 1.5 GHz A8X 64-bit processor. This allows for far more capacity for the former to hold numerous running applications compared to the latter.

The iPad Air 2 comes in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB, while the iPad Pro only has the 32GB and 128GB available. However, the cellular option for the latter is only available for the 128GB, with former having that option available for all of its storage capacities. Both are already set to run the latest iOS software with ease, as well as having identical Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

Each tablet will have the exact front and rear-facing cameras, although the larger display makes the iPad Pro’s front-facing camera handy for video conferences, especially since the user can still work on other apps while on conference.

A Geekbench 3 benchmark test shows a strong battery life for both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro. The former on average lasts just under 8.75 hours, while the latter gets 16 hours.


Determining if the user should go with the iPad Pro or an iPad Air 2 is really dependent on the use of the tablet.

If one prefers to go with a more productive tablet as an alternative for a laptop can go with the iPad Pro, while casual users would gravitate towards the iPad Air 2, as they use it more as an eBook reader or as a means to play games.

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