Creativity Wanted: Adobe Study on the Modern Hiring Process

Recently, Adobe released a study wherein they surveyed over 1,000 hiring managers in the United States. The study offers an interesting insight into the attitudes and beliefs of hiring managers regarding the skills they believe are required to be successful. The key findings of the study are as follows:

Creativity is essential for economic growth.
78% of hiring managers in the survey believe that creativity is a requirement for economic growth, and that it is valuable to society. Although this is their personal belief, only 51% felt that businesses “grasp the importance of creativity.”

Problem solving and creativity drives raises.
51% of respondents credited problem solving abilities with driving the most value in salary increases, and 47% credited creativity.

Job market is shifting in favor of key skill sets.
75% of those surveyed felt that the job market will “change significantly in the next five years,” with the following skills becoming crucial:

  • 88% look for tech savvy applicants
  • 82% look for candidates who can communicate through digital and visual media
  • 75% look for candidates with strong creativity
  • 62% want open-minded and innovative candidates

Well-rounded individuals are sought after.
It’s no longer about having all the answers. According to the study, 82% of hiring managers are looking for candidates who have the problem solving and creativity to apply core skills to a range of problems.

Unleashing Creativity
Whether you’re a creative pro or not, it’s clear that unleashing your inner creativity is essential for your personal marketability. Always take a moment to jot down your creative thoughts, whether that’s on a Cintiq or with regular pencil and paper.

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