Dancing with the *coughfigurativecough* Devil of Apple

Dancing with the *coughfigurativecough* Devil of Apple

As a long time Mac user (running Windows and Linux on either Parallels or Bootcamp) I maintain a love-hate relationship with Apple’s control issues.  I acknowledge that Apple has some of the most secure and internally compatible personal computer hardware and software, while also conceding that if I want to do things such as manage finances with the leading financial software *coughquickencough* or use the most popular word processing, data processing and presentation creation software *coughMicrosoftofficecough*, I must go wanting.

Why, then, do I pony up extra cash? Art. What I lack in Office or Quicken I make up in iLife. Yes, TextEdit is a joke, but Garage Band is bar none the best included/free Digital Recording Workstation on the market. Show me the DAW included on a Windows machines, or photo editing and archiving software with iPhoto’s abilities and ease of use; or movie creation and editing software as powerful and simple as iMovie; included on a Windows OS.

The point is focus, what is the purpose of your machine? Weighed in the balance, even with the extra money paid for the resources included on a Windows machine; Macs still stack up as the better value, when viewed as a machine for creating Art.

Abusus non tollit usum Wrong use does not preclude proper use

Josh Warren

Sales Manager

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