Decorative Custom Designs for Your iPhone Case

The iPhone by itself is a stylish device, with the slick finish and the different colors. However, those with a creative inclination can take advantage of making this smartphone a one-of-a-kind item.

There are many ways of going about with custom designs. For starters, there are firms that encourage case customization. Take for example, Caseapp.

Caseapp allows users to either purchase a skin or case to put over the phone. Either can be customized into a specific design, as it provides options to upload a file, pick a collage, insert a text or clipart, and select a preferred background.

And then, there is the possibility of going D-I-Y.

All one needs is to secure any kind of case, and then one can go about exercising one’s creativity to craft their own design. Brit+Co once posted 25 separate designs that have been crafted by their respective owners, all going a little out of the box with the creative process. Here are some same designs and how they came up with it.

Repurposed Glitz Cases (Via Design Sponge): When one has some tinsel lying around, they can use it with a little Mod Podge to give some glitz to the iPhone.

Pearl Case (Via Sydne Style): Give the iPhone a stud pearl feel, using old clip ons and costume pearls to glue at the back. Of course, this would be a bulky one compared to the others.

Leather Case (via Kojo Designs): If the one above is a little too feminine, this case provides a little bit of masculinity, with the iPhone just ready to be slipped into it.

Nail Polish Stripes (Via A Beautiful Mess): Make the iPhone act as a larger canvas for nail art. Use one’s nail polish to create stripes spanning the back of the phone.

Fabric Case (via Boat People Boutique): Those who own a clear case for their smartphone can go out and put something at the back of the unit. In this case, one cut a piece of fabric to match the dimensions of the device.

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