Dock seeks to restore earphone jack for iPhone 7

One of the more controversial moves by Apple in devising the latest iPhone has been the removal of the earphone jack.

By not having the earphone jack, Apple has been able to provide a waterproof rating for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus when it was officially revealed earlier in September. However, fans did not take to this decision kindly

In lieu of an earphone jack, Apple also revealed during the same event that it will launch a new set of wireless audio called AirPods.

As a response, a company decided to set up startup on Kickstarter to precisely address this matter, crafting together the iLDOCK.

The iLDOCK (iPhone + Lightning + DOCK) is an elegant dock that can be easily plugged onto the new iPhone’s Lightning port. With this accessory, one can already plug the earphone onto the 3.5mm jack while also able to charge via the Lightning charging port.

It also has crafter a souped up version of the iLDOCK, called the iLDOCK Plus. Not only can it plug an earphone and charge their iPhone, but also contains a port for a SD / TF card with a storage capacity of up to 128GB, as well as for a USB. The iLDOCK Plus is tailored for users to be able to quickly transfer files in order to free up valuable space within the iPhone.

Both the iLDOCK and the iLDOCK Plus come in the same colors that the iPhone is available on: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Space Grey.

The feedback to the Kickstarter project has been immediate and effective. Since being launched on September 29, it has gone above and beyond its stated $5,000 goal, having broken past the $22,000 mark in just over a couple of days.

The makers have tabled the shipping of the iLDOCK to be in November. Make sure to continue to check the availability of this item within MacMall soon.

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