Drowning Your iPhone Water Woes

You love your phone. We get it. You keep it by your side all the time . . . All. The. Time. It’s essentially part of you, so nothing could go wrong if it’s always with you, right?


Yes, we know. There, there. This moment was bound to happen. Your phone fell in water. However, before you hyperventilate or have an aneurysm, you need to focus. While there’s a nearly 50% chance that this water is also home to bodily fluids, let’s not think about that. Retrieve the phone immediately from the water.


Well, it could be worse. Your phone is still on, but it’s no longer responsive. The poor pixels inside are gasping for air underneath that ocean of water. Turn your phone off, walk away, and rock yourself back and forth in denial for a few minutes. Are you still with me? Good. Fetch some rice and a container.


There we go. Your phone needs to rest now. Let it lay here for an undetermined eternity. Wonder how many phone calls and texts you’re missing. Fidget nervously as you attempt to sleep without reading that one last article or watching that one last cat video in bed.

Awake the next day, wondering if you still have enough ink in your printer to print out directions the old fashioned way to the local pet store. Tell yourself a new goldfish or kitten might cheer you up as you look longingly at the rice container with your phone in it.  Arrive at the store and . . .


What’s this? Is that child crazy? Does he not understand the inconsolable agony he is about to cause? Wait a minute . . . the phone is fine. How could this be, you ask? It’s simple.

The iPhone is encased in a Griffin Survivor + Catalyst waterproof case. With this case, the phone inside can be submersed as deep as 3 meters (9.8 feet) without any worries. In fact, the case has an IP68 rating, which means that water won’t prevent you from taking pictures, sharing video, or whatever else you wanted to do with your phone before you dropped it in water.

Pretty nifty, isn’t it? So, before you take one step toward the beach or the bathroom, you might want to pick up one of these cases.

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