Easy-Peasy Keepsake Gadget Box

Want to keep your iPhone or iPod safe from prying eyes? You can try using this DIY keepsake gadget box made from your old books. This gadget box lets you easily hide your iPhone, while helping you repurpose old books you may have just lying around your room.

gadget box

Things you need:

An old, hardbound book


Cutter or craft knife



Your gadget


  • First, apply glue to the inside of the back cover and close the book.

gadget box1

  • Let the glue dry.
  • This time around, apply glue to the book’s edges and let the glue dry again.
  • Mark a rectangle on the first page, about 1 inch from all sides. Use a craft knife to cut along the mark through several pages, depending on how deep you want the space to be.


  • Remove the cut pages from the rest of the book. Continue cutting and removing pages until you’ve reached the desired depth.

gadget box3

  • Seal the cut pages with clear glue to finish the keepsake gadget box.

gadget box4

Now, you have your own keepsake gadget box made from stuff that you don’t just want to throw away, as easy as A, B, C.

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Image: Rachael NathanielszVintage Inspired ClothingHow Does She

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