Easy Steps to Speed Up Your Mac

Having a slow Mac can affect your productivity, gaming and so much more. If your Apple Mac starts to show signs like lagging, longer boot ups and such. It may be time to start looking for ways to speed things up a little. All you have to do is follow these tips and you can get your Mac back in tiptop shape.


TIP #1

First off, you have the option to manage your startup items. You can get rid of a lot of the unnecessary apps running and prevent your Mac from slowing down.

To get there, click:

System Preferences > Users & Groups > username


TIP #2

Another trick for speeding up your Mac is to monitor what memory, disk and network processes are using up your system’s resources. You can do that by using the Activity Monitor.  On the Activity Monitor, you can see the processes and the list of all programs by the amount of CPU they are using on your Mac.

To get to your Activity Monitor go to:

View and Windowed Processes ABD > click on the CPU button > the CPU column

activity monitor

TIP #3

You can also boost the speed of your Mac by getting rid of caches, logs, apps, widgets, language packs, plugins, hidden trash, and large files.

By cleaning up your hard drive, you can clean out everything that’s making your MacBook lag.

Check out a few of the available tools that can help you throw out all of your junk files in a jiffy.


Follow these tips and tricks and you are guaranteed to get a faster, more responsive Mac. Check out our website: www.macmall.com for gadgets and accessories at a low and affordable price.


Source: TrendMicro

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