What to Expect from the New OS X Yosemite

Mac users, get ready for some big changes as Apple is about the release a new OS X this upcoming season! From the looks of it, developers did not hold back in creating a new experience for users that will definitely change the way you use your trusty Mac computer. From redesigning icons to integrating better features, let’s take a look at what’s in store for all of us with OS X Yosemite just around the corner.

Restructured Desktop Interface and Windows

Following the look of the iOS 7, including the upcoming iOS 8 that’s also to be released in fall, OS X Yosemite gets rid of the outdated 3D design and goes for a more streamlined structure and flat icons for its interface.


Windows now sport a translucent look that lets you know what’s behind for an easier transition especially when you’re multitasking with multiple apps . Toolbars become more streamlined, giving users more room for their workspaces and content. Window buttons are redesigned, both aesthetically (flat and more colorful) and functionally (green mode now transforms the video into an optimized full screen mode). Even the toolbar texts have been reassigned to be more readable and easier to distinguish.

For the dock, icons now sport a more distinct look and come in a more colorful palette. The dock can also be interchanged for a darker tone for a more sophisticated look.

Meanwhile, the Notification center has been revamped to integrate basic to social media widgets so you can tweet, calculate, or check the weather more easily.  You can customize the panel to add more widgets according to your requirements; widgets can be accessed with a simple swipe.


For a more optimized data search, Spotlight incorporates online search engine and inter-system results and provides interactive previews so you can use it immediately as you need it.

Additional App Functions

In OS X Yosemite, apps become more interactive and more functional for users.

Safari, for example now features a compact toolbar that shows you the controls only when you need them so it won’t get in the way when your focus is on the content. It also highlights your most frequented sites and features them in a grid for easy access. Multiple tab viewing offers more manageable options especially when you’re using them for references. Smart search immediately offers top results from leading sources, so you can get the information you need at an instant.

Furthermore, the overall capacity of Safari has been reprogramed thanks to the latest JavaScript codes programed into the app, giving users up to twice the surfing speed compared to Firefox or Google Chrome. Strengthened security protocols give users complete privacy when they need them. All these are possible since Safari has been calibrated to support the latest online functions so you get the ultimate online experience.


Mail features two new features: markup attachments lets you create more personalized replies to your e-mail by letting you draw, type text, input information directly on PDFs or add electronic signatures. For collaborative purposes, you can take advantage of MailDrop, which lets you attach files as big as 5 GB to each message.


Finder syncs in with iCloud to give you results that crawls all the data you’ve uploaded in your cloud drive. You can also organize your files through tagging for future references.

iOS-to-Mac OS communication

Good news for iOS users: you can now sync your mobile device with your Mac computer so you can send messages or even take calls without switching from one device to another. A new feature called Handsoff also lets you pick up all task progress into all your iOS devices. For example, if you’re composing an e-mail on your iPad, Handsoff then integrates this task in all your iOS and Mac devices so you can finish it on your MacBook or iPhone – a useful feature if you’re on the go or multitasking. The Instant hotspot feature automatically detects your mobile data so your Mac computer uses this for Internet connection if there are no available wireless networks.

Since the messaging app goes through all your iOS devices, it also features more interactive options so you can better organize your inbox or create more personal replies. For example, you can now customize names for your messages so you can easily track topics you’ve been discussing with your contacts. You can now also create group messages that include everyone’s replies into a single thread. Soundbite allows you to send audio recordings as replies to messages.

Experience Beta now

FYI, the Beta version is already available for download (click here to view more) for users who want to experience OS X Yosemite firsthand and help Apple makes important changes. Your input and any other consumer concerns are very important to make OS X Yosemite the best Apple OS yet. You must have an Apple ID to participate in the program.

For those who do not use OS X Mavericks, you can still avail of the Beta version through the Mac App store. Fair warning: since this is the Beta version, it’s still got some bugs and errors that you may need to point out. Be sure to back up your data and system through Time Machine or similar data storage device or service to ensure you can restore them. Some features require the iOS 8 that will also be released this fall.

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