Feed your caffeine addiction with these iOS apps for coffee lovers

kapeA lot of people admit to being that grouch in the morning before their needed coffee fix. Coffee addicts must always have their caffeine fix whether it’s six in the morning or 2 in the morning, coffee should always be within their reach. And with these handy apps, you can bridge that gap with ease.




Every coffee lover is fully aware of Starbucks existence. And their official app lets you do a variety of things including a store locator to find the Starbucks closest to your location, a nutrition information viewer to let you know just what you’re putting into your body, and a build your own drink feature which allows you to customize the drink that can keep you awake for hours. If you own a Starbucks Card, check your balance with this app and even track your stars in the Starbucks Rewards program.


Big coffee chains are all the rage, which is why some coffee lovers find that their drinks are too expensive. You can still get your coffee fix with the use of the CoffeeGuru app. This app helps you find an independent coffee shop anywhere in the US, UK, and Canada. A handy app when you’re visiting a new city and want to try out one of their locally famous coffee houses; you can even find out which coffee shops roast their own beans with this app. How’s that for handy?


Is spending money on coffee too main stream? Why not learn how to make the coffee you love so much right at home? Spro gives you a step by step instruction on how to make different caffeinated beverages. Be a barista and impress your coffee-loving friends in a coffee party. This app also includes facts and proper pronunciation for coffee drinks so you can really be a home-barista.

Art of Coffee

If you’ve seen that awesome artwork on the lattes, you’ve probably wondered at some point how baristas make them. You can learn to make them and maybe even invent a few of your own with the Art of Coffee app. This app teaches users how to make 30 different patterns out of foam. Who knows, when you’ve mastered that, you can probably work in a big chain coffee shop or start your own business.


Drink the drink, walk the walk, and now talk the talk! CoffeeTalk is a dictionary that lets you in the know of some of the caffeinated world’s lingo. This way, you always know what everyone is talking about and can even join in once in a while.

What’s the point of knowing about the awesomeness of these apps if you don’t have an iPod Touch or an iPad to go with it? Check out Macmall.com for some awesome deals and be the true coffee lover you are destined to be.

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