1-Minute Fix for Your Smartphone’s Buggy Speakers

Hearing audio from your smartphone only when you plug in your earphones? After you read this post, that won’t be a problem anymore. You don’t need to be a pro to fix your own smartphone’s buggy speakers. You can solve the problem in just a minute or so.

What’s Needed:
All you need is a cotton swab and your phone.

Cotton swag 1

Step 1:
First, you need to pull off some cotton from the swab to make it finer.

Cotton 2

Step 2:
Then, plug the narrower side of the cotton swab into your smartphone’s headphone or earphone jack.

Cotton 3

Step 3:
Twirl the swab around for a few seconds to clean the headphone jack.

Cotton 4

And there you have it! Your smartphone’s speaker should be working again. Usually, this glitch is caused by some wire malfunction or by the dust that can accumulate in the headphone jack when it’s left open and not in use.

If the problem persists after this 1-minute fix, you might want to have your phone checked. If you happen to have an iPhone with buggy speakers, take it to MacMall’s retail stores and let our Apple-certified experts help you out.

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Images: Lifehacker

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